Volume 27 Chapter 8

The Offering Work of the Dwarves

“We dwarves have to regularly give jewelry and gold bars to Kaybern. Kehehem. We couldn’t help but do it if we want to keep on digging iron in the caves inside the territory of the Dragons.”

“I understand. Though, Kaybern really is a bad guy, making you bribe him like that.”

“I think so too… well, anyways we actually need to devote a tribute to him every three months.”

Despite the vigorous production capacity and trading activities of the Dwarves in the Thor Kingdom, they still hadn’t become one of the powers in the continent. This was because they were limited by them needing to devote a tribute for the dragons on a regular basis.

But, thanks to the protection of the Dragons, their mine development became faster since they didn’t need to worry about monsters or outside aggressions which gave them the advantage of being safe.

“Also next month, we are to devote the offering… the other dragons aren’t really a problem when it comes to receiving reasonable amounts. But for Kaybern, he is always very sensitive.”

In the Thor Kingdom, the one who always brought a lot of trouble to the Dwarves among the five dragons was Dragon Kaybern.

Unless the Human, Elf or Orcs users were adventuring pretty recklessly, the times when they would see a dragon were very rare. Because Weed knew very well the damage they could do, naturally he never wandered about and he had also never met a dragon.

However, the Dwarves had undergone tremendous difficulties many times due to the Dragons coming to the villages demanding this and that. The Dwarves couldn’t help but settle to the haunting of the Dragons which brought in a chaotic atmosphere.

“The demands of Kaybern have been getting worse. Although us Dwarves could just take out and give a large amount of the gems and gold that we dug from the mines, wouldn’t it be better to give it to them as beautiful pieces? Whenever the Dragons are not satisfied with the offering of us Dwarves, we suffer a lot of hardships… Fortunately, you, Sculptor, I think that you could go and do something about it.”


Treasure Offering to Kaybern
Produce 2800 pieces of jewelry and golden sculptures to be offered to Akryong Kaybern.
Einhand will send four of his fellow dwarves to help.
The sculptures should meet the taste of the dragons.
If you are successful, you would be recognized by the Dwarves as a sculptor.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest
Quest Limit: Sculpting Skill Advanced Level 8 or higher
It should be completed by the next month on the 25th.
If you fail, Friendship with the Dwarves would decrease and you would lose their trust.
To receive the whole quest again, you must increase your intimacy with the Dwarves by getting their trust back through commissions.

From today, there were still 52 days remaining.

‘I just need to create 60 of them each day.’

A unimaginable workload!

“How could I just go and watch the Dwarves suffer? As a Sculptor, I will exert all my strength to carry this through.”

– You have accepted the quest.

“Then I’ll put my trust in you.”

The gems have various sizes and the quality of the craftsmanship will also vary depending on its raw form. Then, he was going to create the golden sculptures by using the method of filling molds with melted gold.

“Since the Dragons like glistening stuff, the pieces must be eye-catching.”

Weed then got into work.

In Iron Hammer, he borrowed basic equipments from Einhand that he could use.

A hammer that increases durability and a furnace that increases the sturdiness of the iron for purification of impurities was used.

Einhand, including some great blacksmiths of Iron Hammer also helped him.

They also had the work environment that was just suitable for it.

They just dug from the mines and carried the wagons that were filled with gems in their gemstone state.

“The first batch. Normally, I would be able to dig till about five wagons each batch..”

Weed was greedy.

“Gulp! If I run away swiftly after gathering everything….”

While in the quest, this sculptor was trying to run away with all the treasures of the Dwarves!

But then, the only thing that forbids him from doing it is that Kaybern will pursue him and Morata will receive the Dragons then a lot of people there will die. However, as he was in agony and having a tough expression from thinking about running away, the Dwarves passed by while nodding.

“Considering you’re just a human, you really have enthusiasm regarding your work.”

“I agree with those words.”

To end this awkward moment, Weed finally took out Zahab’s Sculpting Knife.

“Allow me to make one.”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Weed looked back on all types of sculptures he made so far.

“Rather than particularly enhancing its artistic value, it’s still important to satisfy the quantity in the end.”

While maintaining the proper quality of the work, he also needs to meet the needed amount.

Weed made molds of animals and monsters.

He had made lots of molds for clay ceramics that were used for production. If he created the mold for the gold in a manner where it just needed to be filled in, the other blacksmiths could be assistants to help him with his work.

By pouring in the gold, they were able to create brilliant golden sculptures.

For a sculptor, it was a really enchanting experience.

“They say that no one could ever get tired of gold, it would never be enough, and anxiety would also creep in. Even if one is an owner of a jewelry shop, one still might not know happiness in life.”

If Weed became an owner of a jewerly shop in the future, he would not know how to be calm and would always have unsleeping eyes in the shop from being worried about the thieves.

The gems were cut finely using the knife.

“For the gems, even a little margin of error is alright since you could just create it again.”

Although Einhand said those words, making mistakes would degrade his reputation and credibility as a Sculptor. Once a gem had been cut, it couldn’t be restored to its original state.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and others, the majority of these gems were being cut to create a constant angle on their surface. Depending on the size and angle of the cuts in the gem, it would also have varying brilliance.

Weed was already an expert in sculpting sculptures with glittering lights since he had also practiced a lot regarding Moonlight Sculpting.

“What could be the preferences of a dragon: they’ve always loved the appearance more than the artistic value itself.”

Since the Dragon likes glittering gold and jewelry, he focused on satisfying that point.

As a sculptor, it was rather close to just simple labor.

However, opportunities like these, where he could handle this much gold and jewelry, were very rare.

Although his Sculpting mastery increased a little, his Faith stat also fell. Whenever he looked closely at the gold and gems, somehow, the dwarves’ trust in him suddenly diminished.

While being in Iron Hammer, he was also provided with unlimited food but that was only whenever he was working.


The Hermes Guild called up their raid team to eliminate Weed again.

“It seems like this method is not very effective.”

Weed was like a mudfish and was very difficult to catch, freely wandering around the Versailles Continent.

When their raid team had arrived in Bursilia, the Orcs had jumped on them on a large scale. Rather than them hitting Weed, it was them who badly received the counterattack of the Orcs.

Although with the power of the raid, they could have defeated the Orcs easily, it was because in just over an hour, they’ve already been attacked by the enemy 17 times that they lost.

“Revenge, chwichichichwis!”

Perhaps their idea was to fight while looking for Karichwi since they might not have known if he was in that mix of Orcs. As they were just looking for him while fighting, they didn’t even know that it was already their end as a more fearsome Orc army came, pushed them out, and wiped out the raid. No matter how high level they were, their force were not capable in competing against that number of Orcs.

Eventually, the raid team gave up and was wiped out.

If from the beginning they chose to retreat from the Orcs, the results wouldn’t have been the same. Although in the stance of the raid team, they were fighting aggressively as they didn’t know what other strategies to use against Weed. In the end, they couldn’t deal with the continuous attacks of the Orcs.

After the raid team was wiped out, the Orc Commanders gave some words.

“A lot of Orcs died, chwichichichwis. Go home and eat your meals then sleep, chwichichig!”

“Not only sleeping, waking up and eating, also, create lots of baby Orcs. Let us thrive, Orcs! ”

And once again, Hermes Guild had suffered another disgrace. This time, they’ve neither defeated nor even fought with Weed. With that scene around the Orcs, the raid team had been pretty much annihilated. It was quite different from the situation that they had expected.

Because of this, a consensus had been made between the chief executives of the guild since it was extremely difficult for them to harass Weed.

“Send an assassination quest as what was planned, this information must not be known. If you see him, follow behind and pursue him since currently, he’s like a ghost…..”

“The location of the raid team has been already been known, they should just escape since it would be difficult for them to try and counterattack the Orcs. Wouldn’t that be a much better idea for them?”

The chief executives of the guild were currently in a point of embarrassment.

They are one of the the great powers that rules Haven Kingdom and Kallamore Kingdom. Depending on the policy that they decide, the situation in the Central Continent would also vary.

However they were annoyed of the fact that their hands are always tied about this trivial thing of harassing Weed.

“How is Bard Ray-nim currently?”

“Currently, he’s proceeding on his tenth quest.”

“That’s really quick progress. Isn’t that even faster than Weed?”

“Information says he’s being followed by his Royal Guards. They help behind the scenes which causes the time needed to be shortened by a lot. And Weed, according to the words of the spy we planted in Morata, he’s staying in Morata for a while now. Regarding his whereabouts, it seems that he’s just making ceramics for the meantime.”

“I suppose his time is going be delayed by a lot. What about the activities on having Bard Ray obtain a new armor?”

“We are currently proceeding in it smoothly. There are no apparent obstacles in the dungeon excavation.”

“If necessary, we are going to add more men to the tomb of Black Knight Teru in the Kallamore Kingdom region.”

“Thank you for that. We hope to dig into it this week.”

The Hermes Guild had gathered information about a certain dungeon in Kallamore Kingdom.
Adventurers, Thieves, Knights etc. were organized as excavators to actively dig and identify the location of the treasures.

As an adventurer who has the backing of the Hermes Guild, it would be easy for him to raise his skills along with finding treasures. Although of course most of the treasures are to be given over to the guild and are not to be his own possessions, even that degree of support is already pretty good for adventurers.

“However, the adventurers were also hearing information about rumors that are not good for our Kingdom.”

“What is it?”

“Although we can’t really help it since it’s a war, but it seems that plundering the cities of Kallamore Kingdom has decreased our reputation more than what we had thought. And after the occupation, rather than being stable, there are increasing complaints and uprisings happening every time with the rebels.”

“We can’t help it. An arrow that is shot somewhere could never be stopped. How about the movements of the other guilds?”

“There are about 5 large Guilds that are following us on our backs. The Cloud Guild, Lion Star Guild, Roam Guild, Black Sword Mercenary Guild, Black Lion Guild. It seems like they have accepted and soon, they will belong to the Kingdom.”

“In the end, it seems things are flowing just as expected.”

There were also numerous of prestigious guilds that belonged in the Hegemony Alliance that was why their overall strength was still unclear.

If you included the Hermes Guild, these six large guilds built up a colossal power.

“The next Kingdom we are going to aim for is La Salle.”

“Among our neighboring countries, their forces are rather weak.”

“That’s right. We will invade it like lightning then after the occupation, we will strike Britten Alliance Kingdom at once.”

The chief executives were already preparing for the next war.

If they were to be successful in absorbing La Salle Kingdom and Britten Alliance Kingdom, they were definitely going to be an empire with absolute power.

“The Britten Alliance Kingdom probably wouldn’t have a formidable resistance.”

“Although it is just made up of several free cities and principalities, they are historically unified. As you know, that area also has a branch of the Cloud Guild.”

“A confrontation is inevitable and we have already deliberated about it beforehand with the Cloud Guild.”

“It is being prepared. I don’t think they are going to expect us.”

“The forces of the Britten Alliance Kingdom, what are they like?”

“The level of their elementalists and mages are great. Even their army has a lot of users.”

“If their users resist us, then I guess this is going to be a long fight. Currently, it is not really recommended for this war to be a very long one.”

“Once our guild has started its attack, the smart high-level users are going to surrender.”

“While Bard Ray-nim attracts their attention, make sure that we are not careless with our preparations for the war.”

“Well of course.”

The chief executives went on with the meeting until late at night. They were the ones who frequently made the important decisions in their huge kingdom.

“Indeed, speaking of Weed…”

“What we just need is to use our numbers. However, only chasing him on the back like this isn’t going to be really effective.”

“As a mudfish, trying to get close and catch him is going to be impossible.”

With the Sewing and Blacksmithing skills of Weed, he’s been able to wear most armors. While using his Sculptural Transformation even for a moment would change his expression which was already close to being impossible to find.

It was really a difficult thing for them. Because with his ordinary face along with its bounty, it was hard for them to see him casually walking around.

In addition, he was fast enough on noticing their groups intercepting him. Even if the raid teams go around as the assassins follow behind, he would still not fall into their trap.

Among the the chief executives of Hermes Guild, Butler, a user who frequently used and came up with wretched and cruel ideas and plans, said.

“If we wish to eliminate Weed… and are having difficulty about it, why not stir up Morata and its residents?”

“Stir them up?”

“Send thieves and assassins to catch Weed as we send people to Morata to pillage and sabotage them….”

“We might deal substantial damage to them then.”

“Although the other side has a much higher reputation, our Hermes Guild will give compensation to them for it. And if this assassination was to be committed secretly, they should be hidden in the capital.”

Rafael made the decision.

The external affairs or operations of Hermes Guild is mostly influenced by his hand.



The Orcs crossed the sea and arrived in Morata.

“That smell just now smells good, chwichiiig!”

Weed was hoping for them to have a bad time on the sea and decrease their number.
However, they received a very kind care from the 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin. With the commercial activities going on near the harbor of Morata, the users and fishermen actively cooperated.

“These Orcs have come for the Northern Continent… And helping them, we would do Weed a great favor.”

“Let’s see to it that the Orcs have fish to eat. The Orcs might love some fish stew.”

Fishing ships and trading ships moved as they followed the fleet of Heint.

The Orcs rode into the the ships as it went back on forth from East to West. The outgoing ships carried a lot of weight as it was full of Orcs. Although their sailing speed slowed down, in any case, all of them arrived safely.

“Kyaaa! These Orcs. They are so cute.”

“It’s really good to see Orcs here in the North.”

“If you guys are hungry, would you like some Grass Porridge?”

The beginners of Morata and the Orcs have met with each other.

Although it was a meeting of Humans and Orcs, there was no prejudice between the races.

“I wanted to became an Orc.”

“Yeah. we chose the Orc Race because we wanted to, there wasn’t much places to go so we had to go to Morata.”

The Orcs blowed off a snort as they came to the gates of Morata.

Since they ate well, their population has boomed to 175,000.

“There’s a lot of stone sculptures, chiwchwis!”

“The Humans here sing so bad, chwiiiig!”

The Orcs haven’t adapted that well yet with the culture of performances and arts.

“Cheap stuff, chiwchis!”

“I need to buy, this thing. chwiiiiig.”

In the squares of Morata, they were selling according to the market price.

Because of the greed of the Orcs, they would even try to sell one wooden sword for 4000 gold that’s why they thought the items there has a cheap price.

“I’ve bought it cheap, chwichichig!”

After the Orcs purchase the equipments, they have been trying to resell it for more than 70,000 gold. Of course, there would be no person who would buy that.

Currently, it was the time for the Orcs to have a settlement.

The Orcs who were on the square and streets of Morata, sat down and crowded around the gates.

Although the day had been difficult for them, the Orcs had been given some good news.

– In Vargo Fortress, there’s a large statue of Orc Karichwi!

– The settlement of the Orcs made up of soil and stones is already completed.

– There are also camp for Orcs with baths and dining rooms.

Weed, using his authority as Lord, made an Orc village for them to live near Vargo Fortress.

It was on a perilous mountain area, a dangerous place where monsters show up and was usually avoided.

“Let’s go, chwiiig. If only Karichwi was here, he would be able to help.”

The Orcs moved to Vargo Fortress with the command of their commanders.

Vargo Fortress compared to the big city of Morata was far inferior to it.

Even with the completed buildings from Ratzeburg, from culture to commercial development including their buildings still paled in comparison.

“Good, we could run around freely, chwiis. We need a place to live, chwiis!”

The Orcs rather liked the rough ground, away from the city. They just hoped to live even in a hard place just enough to plant crops and fight with monsters.

Even if their survival was at risk, it was a place where they could enjoy their freedom!

The Orcs wanted to live as they overcome the environment with power of their race. And, they decided to settled down in Vargo Fortress.

The Dwarves, Barbarians, Elves, Orcs and Humans were seeing each other face to face in Vargo Fortress.


Weed continued to work along with the Dwarf Blacksmiths as they created treasures to be offered to the Dragons.

Kaybern’s Sword Demand
The Dwarves must demonstrate all their skills to create and offer swords that the Dragons have demanded.
If you do not meet the deadline for the demand, you will incite the anger of the Dragons.
Difficulty: A
Quest Limit: Blacksmithing Skill Advanced Level 4 or higher.
Also, you must create swords of the highest class that is currently existing.

The best of the Dwarf Blacksmiths were involved.

If the Dwarves failed this production quest, the most dangerous thing would be those dragons.

Although, the reward for this is that they would be able to fully utilize the materials of the Thor Kingdom. Except for the fact that their properties are completely given up to the dragons, as a blacksmith, they are able to walk with both of their arms with the offerings.

Since Weed was not eligible to participate, he just learned techniques that might help him in creating the sculptures from other blacksmiths.

Although there were a lot of pieces he needed to make, the Dragons usually didn’t take the artistic value as of importance. By focusing only with the quantity, he was able to help out in the work of the other Blacksmiths and be able to learn some techniques from them.

“You are pretty devoted. Well, I don’t really have any reason not to teach you.”

The Dwarven Blacksmiths didn’t give him any of the high level secret methods, just those common techniques.

However, Weed who could be said to lived his life on flattering people, worked in the same space as Master Abu and taught him simple things one by one.

– You have learned to refine steel from Dwarf Ronhand.
Your Blacksmithing Skill proficiency has increased.
You can now produce a breastplate with higher defense.

The techniques he could learn from the Dwarves seem to be not that bad.

From how to create a brazier to techniques of beating the hammer, there were a lot of great things he learned regarding the production.

Since the Blacksmithing Skill has a very broad usage, learning it would help in a variety of aspects.

“You’re not a dwarf. Well, the ale tastes quite good…..! I can’t teach you my techniques… These side dishes are amazing. Where have you learned your cooking techniques? Although I don’t recklessly accept disciples, by looking at your passion, I will just give you only the gist of the basic parts.”


In Iron Hammer, the capital of the Thor Kingdom, there were no monster raids which was why there were no battles happening amongst the Dwarves.

Rather, the competition among the Dwarf users mainly took place inside their forges.

Selected users that dream to be the best Dwarf Blacksmith also created the swords.

Norn Mountains, Ulta Mountains, Saigorn Mountains. In these three mountains were where the high quality iron ores were being collected and what was raising the Blacksmithing Skills of the Dwarves.

“These freaking iron, I’ve already been beating these things until dark. Forhand, how many swords have you created?”

“I’m at 17. You?”

“21. Today, I’m gonna need to buy ale.”

“My throat is pretty thirsty too, let’s finish this up and go.”

In Iron Hammer, the Dwarf Blacksmith users that have gathered together numbered quite a lot.
Gazing at the furnace just like every other day, hitting iron was usually something that didn’t really require perseverance.

However it is really rewarding for a Blacksmith to have his weapons become a world famous product along with his name engraved on it. To be able to create outstanding weapons or armors would give one a sense of accomplishment!

However, with this tedious and repetitive work, one would go and get himself some ale. With their racial characteristics to blame, they would feel longing for the taste of ale whenever their satiety drops. As the dwarves long for ale, they would treat themselves in the capital. They would occupy all places including the taverns, trading posts and forges in the squares of Iron Hammer.

“Kehe… Good.”

Weed drank his ale.

In Iron Hammer, Intermediate Class Blacksmiths and above in particular, were provided two glasses of ale for free.

“Finally, it’s today.”

It was the day when they would offer the treasures to the Dragons!

Fortunately, the required number jewelry and gold sculptures had already been done. Weed gave the gold sculptures that he made which were shining and glittering. Einhand also gave it a compliment.

“If it’s this kind of work, even that strict Kaybern would also like it.”

“Is it alright?”

“This much is good even for the eyes of a Dwarf.”

Einhand and the Dwarves departed to give their offerings to the Dragons.

By now, they should’ve arrived to their destination, the lair of the Dragons.

After completing this commission, he would’ve completed his tenth stage of his Profession Master Quest.

“When is it going to be done.”

Weed was gradually eating his share of the peanuts along with two glasses of ale which was given free of charge.

Over the past 52 days, he was doing nothing else but create sculptures. Naturally, one would also want to give a reward to himself.

“I need to take a break until evening. My blacksmithing skill has grown further and have also gained considerable earnings!”

For some time now, he never got any hunting experiences nor loot.

However, while he didn’t want to use these expensive materials for his sculptures, his Sculpting Skill proficiency has increased.

His current Sculpting mastery was at Advanced Level 8 at 61.1%.

As his Handicraft Skill has also increased a lot, his Blacksmithing Skills even rose one step further.

“Well, I’m actually like an honest laborer. I think it’s actually good if in the future there are only quests such as these.”

Like this, he spent his time on a tavern waiting for a message window to float.

Treasure Offering to Kaybern has been completed.
Kaybern did not praise the efforts of the Dwarves.
But still, with the treasure transported by the Dwarves, they were also quite satisfied that’s why they didn’t kill them.
The arrogant Dragons ignored the contributions of the Sculptor who created those art pieces.
Quest Reward: You will receive it from Einhand.
Your reputation as a Sculptor will increase for the Dwarves.
Contribution Points has increased by 61.
Title! You have received, ‘The Great Sculptor the Dwarves Acknowledge’.
The Dwarves are the most demanding race with regards to pieces.
Even they wouldn’t disregard the sculptures you’ve made.
The Dwarves will regard your works with 6% higher of their original value whenever you trade.
Your Fame will spread very fast among the Dwarves.

His quest was a success.

In any case, once you see them, you would know that the Dwarf race was very pitiful!

“It was really for the best that I did not chose to be a Dwarf.”

While they do have the ability of dealing with iron and their god-like Handicraft, these Dwarves were living as they received the persecution of the Dragons.

Even the users of Royal Road, as their levels continued to climb up, they still didn’t even know when it was possible for them on promising to hunt these Dragons. Although the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Thor could try and go together with all their power, if it fails, they would not be able to avoid the punishment of the Dragon.

In the worst case scenario, their Kingdom would also be gone, that’s why they don’t even try and gamble their hard work.

“Anyways, although this quest is taking a long time, this quest should be coming to its end now.”

Weed was flattering a pretty Dwarf girl that was working in the tavern.

“I am hearing the compliments and words of a Master Sculptor who knows how to see beauty.”

There was a female Dwarf who was sitting and whose height was smaller than Weed.

“Do you want some more peanuts?”

“If the lady would want to give some.”

Giving Weed even just one glass of beer would make him cheerful.


The Dwarf transport came back safe and sound.

Weed met with Einhand and heard about the result of the quest.

“Kaybern… whew, he’s really frightening.”

“Did he look really scary?”

“Not really, it was his words that scared me. I couldn’t even properly look at his face. That bloody voice and the surrounding atmosphere, it was already enough to make my heart tremble!”

The Dwarves that were included in the transport didn’t really mind just cowering and looking into the ground. Due to the nature of the Dwarf Race, even though they were the only enemies of the Dragons in the vicinity, they could only cower from the horrors since they didn’t really know what to do.

Even though the Dwarves normally have the characteristic of bravery, the Dragons were an exception. If one would look at the history of the Versailles Continent, the capital of the Dwarves never committed any riot against the Dragons.

They would be working till their death in the coal mines, or they would dig and create then decorate the jewelries to be offered.

All Dwarves who did not comply would become snacks for the Dragons. It was already an instinct of the race itself and it couldn’t be denied that this fear was already carved within them.

“I didn’t know that my sculptures were actually received easily.”

“Well, If you look at me, he allowed me to live so it was alright I suppose. Anyways, a lot of you really worked hard.”

“Not really. I did this work for the Dwarves.”

“I’m giving this to you, a reward from our Kingdom.”

Einhand handed over 3 white cloths to Weed.

– You have received 15 Mithril Piece.
– You have obtained 6 top-class Adamantium Piece.
– You have acquired 35 first-grade Iron Ores

“This is so much…..”

Even Weed was surprised with his rewards.

“Us Dwarves will not forget this favor.”

Even though they were persecuted by the Dragons, the Thor Kingdom was still basically on the rich side.

Also, since there were a lot of mines, the Dwarves could just hand over refined stuff that they mined.

‘If I used this, I would be able to replace a lot of my defensive equipments.’

Weed could now create a better armor to wear.

This will make hunting on the battlegrounds be a bit more on the dangerous side.

While he could have higher defense it would lower agility while the lighter weight would help increase the effect of Agility but lower defence.

It would help to have his life not decreasing that much, if a person was less nervous on fighting whenever he attacks, one would be able to concentrate which will make his hunting speed faster.

‘Why did they even select to play as the Dwarf race from the beginning?’

Weed’s heart was even lighter than dry grass.

He decided to use the materials and set it up once the Forge of Hestia had been completed.

“As a Dwarf, I am very interested about your creative works. I have heard a lot of stories about you.”

“What stories?”

“Legends say that you turned iron into gold.”

“Eh, Einhand-nim!”

“Oh, this kind of thing is just necessary for our blacksmiths, I don’t really need to say these stories to you. About sculpting, I know some strange stories regarding it. Us Dwarves have learned a secret…. I could tell you one.”

Einhand seemed to be talking about where the quest will lead next.

“There are legends about sculptures that came to life from long ago. This story is about the birth of the elementals and I don’t know if this leads to something that might be related to the supremacy of Sculpting or Swordsmanship. Do you still want to hear more of the stories?”

It was the story about the three Secrets Skills of Sculpting.

Weed was of course well aware of those three since he had also acquired them.

“Long ago, the sculptures have been given life and I’m very curious about this legend.”

He looked and met with Zahab with his Radiant Sword, he could go and meet him again later.

He would probably be much welcomed for the things he had done for Queen Evane.

The elementals also created sculptures, it’s not really not much of a question since they’ve already know it.

“From a distant past. There was the Arpen Empire that was built by the power of Art. During a time when war was repeated time and time again, he unified the continent into one glorious empire…..”

This led to Einhand’s long description about the history of Arpen Empire.

Weed was already bowing as he doze off.

It was like during middle school. This was how he was listening to the stories in class!

This technique was being used during his classes in the University and was also used in front of Einhand.

“It was just a barren land, where they prevent the invasion of monsters. There were a lot of things there that were made based on Sculpting. Could you even imagine it. The Emperor of Arpen Empire was actually said to be a Sculptor!”

Einhand shouted intensely with excitement.

Weed even tried made himself looked surprised at some times.

For a person with a profession of being a Sculptor, this splendid legend was enough to evoke a sense of pride!

“Ah! Is that so?”

Weed replied rather uninterested.

Before, he already knew a lot of information about Sculptural Lifeforms that’s why things like these was not really that new to him at all.

It was just like those TV Specials with those films or comedy shows that were repeated each time on holidays every year.

“The great Arpen Empire very much liked the Dwarves. Since we also preferred being artists and engineers, we stayed and enjoy the flourishing empire that the humans have built.”

Einhand then slowly said in a low gentle indifferent voice.

“The Emperor of Arpen Empire! He might even be the most amazing person in the history of the continent. His Sculptures are very special. If you want to find out more about the Sculptures of Life, try to find Raihand who studied the Arpen Empire in his lifetime. To where his current location is, I don’t really know. Perhaps he is somewhere in the Ulta Mountains and Norn Mountains.”


The Sculptures of the Arpen Emperor
The moment his sculptures were written in the history of the Continent, the Arpen Empire was born.
Geihar Von Arpen.
If you want to know more about the sculptures of the former emperor of the continent, find Raihand first.
You will be able to hear more about the story.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest
Quest Limit: Sculpting Skill Advanced Level 8 or higher.
Sculpture Repair Skill needed.
Sculptural Memories Skill needed.

His 11th quest had already started.

However, another message window rang out.


– Secret Sculpting Technique, you have already learned the sculpting technique of the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen.
Since you already know the sculpting ways of Emperor Arpen, you can now proceed without needing to resolve the quest.
The Sculptures of the Arpen Emperor has been completed
As the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, you already know everything.
The sculpting of Geihar Von Arpen was already led through you.
Fame has increased by 1,980
Due to knowing this historical knowledge, Dignity has increased by 12.
Due to your relationship with the Emperor Geihar you would be able to receive the respect of those who respect the Arpen Empire.
All stats have increased by 2.

79 thoughts on “Volume 27 Chapter 8

  1. Calcifer

    Thank you so much, as the scroll bar went lower I dreaded it but that’s because this is just so good a story. Even though some of this was set up it’s nice to see Hermes making a move and also learn that other sculptors can learn secret techniques in different ways than Weed did.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haqpiness

    Thanks a lot for the work!
    I didn’t expect this coming) I thought he’ll have to fight the dragon, but I guess this wouldn’t be a quest for a sculptor)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 7zuga

      Don’t worry.
      He’ll fight in the future when he get transport to the past while doing sculpture master quest.
      The fight with Dragon really glorious and funny as hell.


    1. Haqpiness

      And think about the fact that Hermes thinks that he has a looong way before finishing the quest, just imagine their reaction when they’ll find out that he will finish it soon))))


    1. Haqpiness

      Yeah, I was so disappointed…still hoping that she will help him with information or smth…but I guess she won’t do anything, they were in a guild in the continent of magic and she didn’t say anything to Weed about it…


  3. salokeen

    Thanks a lot for the chapter. Nicely done.
    Weeds earlier diligence pays off once again. I hoped for more info on the dragon, but.. oh well.
    Hermes guild getting their asses kicked by orcs: priceless 😀
    With the orcs arriving at Vargo Fortress, it’s development will speed up and I can already see weed’s empire taking shape.


    1. Depper

      Short cut and he also was able to learn lost sword techniques adapted to sculptors, also there were the 600 max mana buff. Also the bonus stats just from the title. Since zahab is still alive i think everyone would be able then to learn all 5 secret scuptor techniques.


      1. f1amet0ngue

        Zahab doesn’t actually know all 5 techniques. From their interactions in the forbidden zone, he shouldn’t know life bestowal, and probably not nature sculpting/destruction, although he may know some of the others


    2. f1amet0ngue

      Anyone has the opportunity to learn any of the abilities that Weed has. It only makes sense that the mastery quest would require a person to obtain various unique abilities of their class in order to be considered a true master. Also, this quest only requires one to learn the life bestowal technique, not moonlight sculpting- we’ll see what future quests contain. Certain abilities are more rare- there is little difference between “Legendary MS” and “Moonlight Sculptor” except LMS is a title passed down (extremely rare), but anyone can become a MS with luck, training, & skill; since the one master died, Weed may be the only one who can teach the sculpture understanding/memory skills. With proper dedication & insight, some of these abilities may even be able to be self-taught. The main thing is Weed is the first user to obtain these skills (that we know of), & probably the first sculptor to wield them all together!


      1. eili

        there are class and sub class(~specialisation) ex: knight dark knight ; magenecro
        so lms is different from moonlight sculptor, you have some advantage (like ‘able to masterize any crafting job’, handicraft as base attack, special attack(not yet or faster ), you can increase some stat faster, and so on)
        (i guess a knight could learn special attack of dark knight)

        you don’t find it’s very strange only weed who is a lms can rise’ handicraft from every thing he do? ^^
        i don’t know but other could try to paint ,for example, to take his mind off things and discover he gain stat.
        but the author write his novel as only weed can do it…or like every player is just a moron , apart from weed….

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    3. Calcifer

      I believe based on the fact it seems that regular sculptors will be able to learn the five secret techniques through the mastery quest that they will get the hidden profession ‘moonlight sculptor’ option upon completion of the master quest. Although still won’t be legendary like Weed as he directly inherited from Emperor’s chest.


  4. faradtech

    btw, hermes guild are going to take two kingdoms at once , i wonder how powerfull they are !!!
    btw, if some of you play rome: total war in the past, you will defintley know, that soon or later hermes guild will collapse because of econmie issues, they harrassement methode will cost them a lot, i’am sure counteless rebillions will take place in the future and with the increseaing army’s mainteneance cost their doom is nigh unless they deicid to change their policy in the occupied terrority
    also since they are approching the center (i mean britten alliance) they will probably conflict (or ally) with embiny chruch (or wathever the name is)


    1. Kelly Oliveira

      I think that they could only ally with embinyu against weed… And rebillions already happens on Kallamore Kingdom and more, I think that with Petrov’s influence, this rebellions on central will go on in the occupied territory…
      PS.: Petrov was painting to divulge about evil deeds from haven’s army while increasing his fame and doing quest for the Kallamore’s people…


    1. KaloramaKid

      In most games, when a quest ends without providing a new clue or a new mission that specifically advances the chain quest (in this case, Weed’s Master Sculptor Quest), you then circle back around to the previous NPC in the chain quest. Although there’s some inconsistency here, because the clue you get to go back to the previous NPC (Orc Lord Bulchwi) is that when you think you’ve completed your task, you won’t get the stat points and the completion bonuses. In that case, you would only get the bonuses and points once the NPC giving you the quest confirms you’ve completed what he wanted you to do. At that time, the NPC would usually give you instructions to continue on your quest. So this situation is half and half. It seems like a dead end to me too – Weed just got all of his points bonuses. In this situation, a normal gamer would then expect the NPC (Dwarf Einhand) to give more instructions. Since the chapter ended with all of the bonuses – it’s likely that in the next chapter the NPC Dwarf Einhand will suddenly have a realization along the lines of “Oh, you’ve demonstrated such advanced mastery already, and I could tell that my story wasn’t very surprising for you, so it would be a waste of your time to go on this quest. That was just one of the secrets we have heard about, so seeing that you are worthy of this more precious secret that we keep, I will tell you about it.” … Either that, or he still needs to go back and talk with Bulchwi to confirm that the relations have improved between dwarves and orcs. Personally I feel like Weed has already spent a lot of time with the Orcs, it’s probably time for him to help the Dwarves loosen the chains of their slavery. It will be the 12th phase of his masterquest, so it shouldn’t be as easy as the last 2 or 3 steps have been. We also haven’t had the coronation ceremony yet, so once the news gets out that Weed is a King, the Hermes Guild is gonna lose their minds. It might also be a big deal when the Research Tower and the Forge of Hestia are completed.


      1. fankit

        That woukd be awesome, weed would then make his mages stronger then the other countries and make his nation a one of the most power nation if weed contniue his path


    1. Calcifer

      Remember how sculpture life skill read it would attack similar looking beings? Would be funny if it attacked saying “I’m the real WEED!” Although I don’t really think this part of the skill should have been added. The sculpture life skill said sculpture’s are jealous and would attack similar beings but 10 wyverns never had a problem with each other neither did 5 phoenix brothers and I don’t remember ever seeing this issue come up.


      1. Haqpiness

        If weed would try to make a sculpture of himself, it would be 15 cm higher, with bigger eyes, well, it would look better, remember when he made the sculpture of his family?)))))


      2. Kelly Oliveira

        no, the 10 wyverns just have their basics forms but they were diferents and Weed said to Wy-3 that he liked use Wy-3 to move around because he was tired of doing his brothers then did Wy-3’s back straight for be easier… and they have some distintions even that be small but they have… so sometimes they compete between themselves for the “prettiest” one…


      3. Bob

        In volume 16 chapter 2 when he was escaping from the Embinyu Church to gather the alliance he considered mass producing phoenixes but due to his current Leadership and Charisma he couldn’t control more than 10 of the same kind of sculpture.


    1. Biero

      He would want to leave it to run the kingdom and collect taxes so that he gets money without the work. THEN, it would be just as greedy as him and try to cut Weed out of the loop.

      Maybe this is what happened to the Arpen Emperor…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Anne1000

      Keep up the good work guys~
      And yeah, I hope Weed wipes them out for good soon. But something tells me it’s gonna take a while as they will most likely clash as Kings to become the Emperor.


    1. Calcifer

      Should be at least 5, one for every secret technique he knows. He just skipped one for ‘sculpture life bestowal’ so still 4 more. I also expect him to skip even more quests from his other intermediate skills just like how he skipped the blacksmith quest for having intermediate blacksmithing.


  5. Meth

    “The Dwarves, Barbarians, Elves, Orcs and Humans were seeing each other face to face in Vargo Fortress.” They forgot the Geomchis, they are a different “race” apart from humans, hell if i choose a race, i would probably choose the geomchi race

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Grok

    So for the question, mine is could please display Weed’s stats and skill up to the latest translated chapter? Also the items in his in his inventory.


  7. pantz

    How about this. The dragon doesn’t actually demand so much treasure, and the Dwarfs that deliver it to him are stealing from the other Dwarfs, keeping it to themselves and blaming the Dragon. Weed finds out, and exposes them, or even better takes a big cut of the treasure just to keep quiet.



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