Volume 27 Chapter 7

A Country’s King

It’s probably because of the 2 Grand Buildings being built in Morata that there was a continuous crowd of people.

There was an expansion of the city boundaries such as road widening and opening squares. There were residential districts that emerged on the outskirts. At least, it’s a little distributed now.

“Woah, so this is Morata!”

“These enormous buildings are unbelievably large, larger than I thought.”

“It looks just as it was shown on the broadcast, there’s really a lot of artworks. This, this is the sound of music… there’s a concert there, look.”

“Let’s go there fast!”

Due to the spirit of the beginners and their large numbers, there was really no space to move very much.

– Morata’s population and economy are growing rapidly.
Due to the active trading along with the production and consumption, the economy is booming.
This boom increases the production volume by 25% and you will reap 10% more tax from the residents.

Weed desperately wanted to increase the taxes very much!

Although the boom gave temporary effects, after all, the fact that he was going to increase the tax was something crucial.


Weed went to the nearby lakes and rivers to gather dirt for making ceramics.

Meanwhile, maintenance work was currently being done inside the Lord’s Castle.

The rooms were full of broken windows, cobwebs, and dust, and many things that needs to be cleaned. The available rooms were the weapon and food warehouses, stables, wine storehouse, the study, and his comfortable Lord’s private bedroom while he also cultivated the plants on the gardens.

“Well, let’s start with it gently.”

He was in his room in the Lord’s Castle and did not dispose of the scattered pieces of wood, stone sculptures and japtem since they might be related to a Quest. There were also a bunch of soil heaps that was categorized by type.

“I’m going to make it as usual!”

Hwaryeong and Bellot, who seemed to have become attached to Weed’s ceramics, were eagerly anticipating to have fun with them so they went to the Lord’s Castle along with Irene.

The others, who had different intentions, arrived in Morata through Yurin’s Picture Teleportation. Some had their equipments checked while the others visited the squares.

“Well… I’ve got a reservation at a restaurant, wanna come?”

Zephyr offered to buy Yurin food on a delicious date.

“I’m really hungry so… okay.”

And so, both of them went and disappeared into the crowded streets and shops. Of course, Weed as Lee Hyun wouldn’t leave them to have their quality time alone and sent someone.

Weed asked Seoyoon alone for a favor.

“Stealthily follow them, if you catch them holding hands or entering a desolate alley or if you suspect any funny business being done, just kill.”

If she were to kill, she wouldn’t do it without plenty of suffering.

Weed wanted to relieve his worries and dedicate himself just to creating ceramics.

The curves were well molded and were made quite elegantly. The glaze blended in as it transformed into elegant colors as it was shown on the ceramics. It was something that didn’t lack of what was called as art!

“Use the hands slowly. I should press gently rather than use force.”

Weed was shaping the ceramics as Dirtman was turning a stone tablet.

“Mind Hand!”

Although those three hands were a strange sight, he did not waver and just focused on making the ceramics. His finger motions changed depending on the type of soil he was using. Putting in too much force would most likely crush it by accident.

Meanwhile, mistakes like these could hardly be seen on the ceramics made by Weed. The handle-free jar ceramic was completed along with the beauty of its proportions in the underlying structure. The ceramics also had a large interior that could easily fit something when needed.

“There is no limit to the imagination, I’ll try and also create something unusual.”

Sculpting just like a master, the durability of his works were quite high and thanks to his Handicraft Skill, not much of the clay has remained.

Even if he created it to be narrow and thin, it did not break down. There were really no limitations to the variety of shapes to create.

He even created a Wyvern that had water coming out from its mouth, while it’s honestly stupid that the Yellowy that he made in a form of a jug was actually also eye-catching. He even made pieces with low artistic value that were popular with the public.

In particular, limited edition ceramics!

The price would rise the more scarce it is, so he would probably release 12 ceramics for each design. The exact depiction of one of Weed’s tricks has also appeared in the Ceramics.

“It’s a really pretty jug. But isn’t this part too wide?”

Hwaryeong, who was next to him, also gave tips. According to her words, the jugs were beautiful but they didn’t necessarily need to suit the tastes of the poor people.

Bellot was calm and managed to create earthen bowls fairly well with her talent. However, she had no Handicraft Skill so it was still quite difficult for her.

While on the other hand, Irene could only create simple flower pots to grow flowers in for the shacks.

“This basic shape should be able to support itself, now to form the rest.”

Weed used different temperatures of water depending on the type of clay and ceramic he wanted to create.

The clay that had just completely dried in the shade was still unglazed. As the water and the ceramic dirt came into contact, its color mysteriously changed. Weed used the glaze that he had obtained from natural materials to make white ceramics and blue ceramics.

Roasting it in this way wasn’t something usually done when making ceramics. Although, nothing significant really changed compared to the ceramics he had made before.

“It seems fine to draw additional paintings or engravings.”

He used the pile of clay to form a jug then he used his knife to put carving patterns afterwards.

Although he tried to carve it in a straightforward manner, the characteristics of the exterior part of the piece became different after the heat had warmed and baked it.

After baking it again in the furnace, the color of the soil was still attached while the paintings on the ceramic changed.

Although Weed was unable draw on it as if it was white paper, the etchings on the ceramic along with its shape made it quite an exceptional piece. This sculpture and painting was different and broke the usual methods that are known to the people.

Weed realized that he could create variations in any of his sculpture works with Painting.

– Painting Skill proficiency has increased.

“Indeed what any worker will know, one should always work with humility.”

At that moment, Painting became one of the goals of Weed.

It was then the final stage of completing the ceramic in the furnace.

“Something really pretty, maybe something like that is what would come out?”

Bellot and Hwaryeong’s eyes brightened as they looked at the ceramic.

A glossy milky-white clay like snow came out.

The blue green ceramic with flowers and animals released a vibrant expression as it was just coming out from the furnace!

Finally, after multiple tries of rough glazes, they used water to clean it well with the help of his earth and water spirits. The two could only look with their eyes in the beauty in front of them.

The Sculptors, Ceramists, Painters. It’s not even an exaggeration to say that magic happens at their fingertips.

“I’m still a little short regarding how I do my paintings…. how could I do it a little better?”

With this sculpture of Weed, he now climbed to heights that were being looked from by Masters.

It was best to carve patterns or put paintings on the clay whenever it was moist. But nevertheless, ceramics couldn’t be said to be pure sculptures.

“The balance of the clay and fire…. It should have the feeling of being alive as those Sculptural Lifeforms…..”

Weed was contemplating on how to make different styles and types of ceramics. The way the color was inscribed on his current ceramics was too monotonous. The glaze couldn’t be felt and was unnoticeable since it was buried in the patterns and drawings.

“I should try and use different colors on the ceramic paintings. Rather than forcing the clay’s color to change by painting it with glaze and colors, let’s just use the nature of the ceramic itself.”

He used his carving knife to etch fine patterns nimbly and made them in just some parts of the white clay. The clay was roasted in fire as it became reddish and darkened. And after baking it in the furnace, what appeared was a clear blue ceramic with black and white colored patterns.


“This is just too pretty!”

Even though Weed was inexperienced on painting, the colors of the ceramics could still be seen as beautiful even by those without eyes to see.

The illustrations engraved on the ceramic work were strengthened by its sleek and elegant curves.

Celadon for Flowering Plants:
Durability: 33/33
A work of Sculptor Weed that portrays the beauty of clay.
The geniusness of his versatility produced a new art on the continent.
The painting carved into the ceramic is very deep and is not shallowly inscribed.
His talent in dealing with soil and his ability to control the temperature of the fire was shown, though there’s a bit of disappointment on this created artwork.
The whole process of making this was done by Sculptor Weed himself.
This work is worthy of being counted as the best among the ceramics in Versailles Continent.
Artistic Value: 3,986
Special Option: An artwork with high artistic value.
It will give you a special good luck everyday.
If you own this in your home, Dignity, Charm and Luck would increase by 5%.
You could only apply up to a maximum 10 effects of ceramics at a time.
– Sculpting Skill proficiency has increased
– Handicraft Skill proficiency has increased.
– Your Painting Skill has increased to Beginner Level 5. The lines of your paintings are going to be more accurate while you can also utilize your tools better.
– Blacksmithing Skill proficiency has increased

Since the ceramic was subjected through various processes when making, several of his skills leveled up at once when it was completed.

Hwaryeong also did not ask it for free as a gift this time.

She really wanted to have that work very much, though as a friend she couldn’t just ask him to give her free things every time, it was not really polite to trouble him by getting it for free. She also felt that giving Celadon for Flowering Plants to her for money was very rude and senseless.

‘I don’t really know how much I could get from this. I would just find a good owner for this later who would take this and would buy it at a high price.’

‘Ah, I think I really couldn’t buy that work of his with just money.’

She also looked at the other works of Weed that was baked in the furnace.

‘I will buy them right away after they come to the stores.’

Bellot also had her eyes on some of his ceramics.

‘This is beautiful. That’s just so cute. How can you make pretty patterns like this? The form is good and harmonious and also life-like. Maybe it’s okay! I really just want to have it.’

Although it was not really for fashion but rather its artistic value, it would still be likely to enjoy a storm of popularity if the stores sold something like this.

Weed did not really make ceramics by utilizing the beauty of the drawings.

He also created ceramics with special forms such as large bowls and angel figurines. As with creating sculptures, he was also looking to train and develop his techniques as he created these ceramics with his endless materials.


Flower-shaped Jug:
Durability: 17/17
Made by the great artist Sculptor Weed.
This ceramic is already enough to say that in the Versailles Continent, even though it was just a meeting of clay and fire, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it still gave birth to a miraculous work of art.
Wide open flowers with delicate thin stems would bloom in this.
A fascinating and expressive work that has been created with a certain degree of Handicraft.
Rather than the artistry, the mysteriousness of the work is what seems to be attractive in this work and will make it more and more popular.
Artistic Value: 598
Special Options: If this is close to the plants, they wouldn’t dry out even without water.
It will even create a good taste in wine and tea.
Dignity: +16
Charm: +22

Weed not knowing the time, got hooked on doing his works.

Making ceramics is a very complex process and you need to pay attention even to smallest detail.

However, no matter what hardships you recieve, one would always admire looking at the ceramic after it’s out of the furnace.

“With this, it’s not over yet.”

Weed also made bowls and small plates that were at least intermediate size.

Doing the simple processes doesn’t really take much; and that includes engraving patterns and painting figures.

“Morata also has a lot of beginners who don’t have a lot of money. They also would be able to buy ceramics if I could create small ones for quick production.”

Despite of his spirit as an artist, he was still thinking of extorting money from the rabbits caught by the beginners!

His other party members also came and didn’t leave for a while since they were also making their own ceramics. He was peacefully immersed on making ceramics and continued to make them tirelessly, which made him look attractive.

“Its material value isn’t really what’s going to determine its price, but rather its nature as a specialty product….”

Day and night he was producing artworks; he produced some Masterpieces and even produced a Magnum Opus!

Ceramics have now piled up on the empty rooms of the Lord’s Castle.

He was only focusing on making ceramics and by the time he finished more than 400 ceramics, his Sculpting Skill had increased its proficiency by 9.5%.

Because his Sculpting mastery was at Advanced Level 8, his proficiency did not increase that quickly.

And with the basic form of ceramics, Sculpting really has less involvement in it. But instead, whenever he successfully adjusts the fire accurately, his Blacksmithing Skill really increases its proficiency by a lot.

Sometimes, he would also fail when he was in the process of creating the form. In such cases, what would come out was something that was almost hard to look at.

Soon, Weed had then made 700 ceramics.

At that time, his Sculpting Skill proficiency was at 52.6% Advanced Level 8.

Not only that, but his Blacksmithing Skills has also increased its proficiency to 75% Intermediate Level 8.

His Painting Skill has also increased to Beginner Level 9.

If one pondered about how difficult it is to make ceramics, they would find that it is really difficult. However, Weed made a lot of good works while also enjoying it.


Park Jun-suk was missing Seoyoon on a daily basis.

“Ah, how long was she sick in her heart.”

Although Seoyoon was very brutal when he and all of his friends were thrown and killed in the backwoods of Serabourg Castle, he could still understand it.

Anyway, it could be seen that her heart wouldn’t easily open. He honestly feels bad about it but the common sense in this world is that any behavior of a pretty girl could be easily forgiven.

“So, she was actually the Berserker girl who’s always going around with Weed.”

Seoyoon was also beautiful to the extent that no one could rival her beauty. Not just that, but she was also very strong in Royal Road.

Park Jun-suk was already more than happy with those characteristics of hers.

“I’m going to explore the various parts of Versailles Continent. I wish I was going around far longer than Weed.”

She seemed really happy as if a love arrow was shot into them whenever they were adventuring and this alone, proved that she was out of reach from anyone including him.

“I’ve got to keep up with their levels even if it would take me a lot of time.”

“Please give me four herbs.”

“Those who have a lot of broken swords. Those beginners who are looking for someone to repair it, give it to me and you could use it in a minute.”

Hunter Robin reconnected back on Pallet Kingdom where he was mainly active.
[TL: To those who forgot, Robin is Park Jun-suk]

A lot of users were actively trading with the merchants in places such as equipment shops. Everyone gave their attention to Robin for a brief moment.

“Wow, he’s really high level compared to me. Look at the equipments he’s wearing.””

“Aren’t those made by Berbang?”

“Look at his torso, I think that’s actually his golden signature mark.”

“I heard that they’re unbelievably expensive….. The money needed to create clothes made by Berbang is no joke.”

Robin shrugged lightly.

‘I can’t get enough of this feeling.’

He wore equipments that could already be considered the best at his level 355.

It included polished shoes, tanned light leather armor set, jewelries like necklaces and bracelets to raise his profession skills, and a ring.

Of course, he didn’t collect these equipments by hunting or finishing quests.

Even for Weed who did the best of quests, although he succeeds in them, his Sculpting profession equipments still doesn’t come out lined up like that.

Of course, Weed would actually be more disappointed if the item that is obtained after doing a difficult quest was used for Sculpting.

Robin bought high-level accessories and equipments by spending a huge amount money. He didn’t spare any cost in wearing the best equipment right from the beginner level. So his power level always rose by a level.

He was very satisfied whenever the people were surprised after seeing his high-level equipment.

“I want to go to where he hunts.”

Robin headed to a restaurant to buy food.

A guild chat window floated along with a message.

[Kuvera]: You came, Robin. We connected just now.

[Ritz]: We’re in the capital. Where are you?

Robin joined a guild called ”Cool Guys”.

Consisting only of the sons and daughters of millionaires, they spent money like rain in a rainforest.

[Robin]: Where? Me too.

[Kuvera]: Then, it’s great. Have you received any quests?

[Robin]: Nope. I’m just going to hunt. I don’t have time to bother talking with these people..

[Ritz]: Then let’s go together. Let’s meet at the Central square.

Kuvera and Ritz arrived at the Central square.

Both of them were knights wearing full platinum set armor along with peacock feathers that were plugged in the top of their helmet.


“Let’s buy some food and then get busy hunting.”

“Then let’s go? Which mercenaries should we hire?”

“We can look for the Favela Mercenary Guild.”

“Shall we take them with us? We are too weak. It’s hard to raise a level…….”

“Nowadays, people are begging others to let them join a party”

Robin, Kuvera, and Ritz were in levels of mid-300s.

Their equipments while being beginners were great that was why they hunted quickly back then. With just the help of their equipment, they were able to hunt higher level monsters without much difficulty.

However, as their levels grew higher, it also became harder for them to increase it. Problems like instantaneous judgement errors and lack of teamwork couldn’t be covered by their high-level equipments.

This resulted in them being overwhelmed by the monsters in spite of their basic skills and stats.

Although their level was on the mid-300s, their fighting prowess itself was really on the weak side. So to overcome this, they hired mercenaries and Dark Gamers.


In Morata’s Jewelry Exchange, a great thing was happening. The owner of the shop politely greeted the people who were looking at his stuff.

“Are you really going to sell these pieces?”

“Yes. How much might be the price?”

“The prices for these artworks are difficult for me to decide. It is even in the level where anyone would covet its worth. These would probably be sold out to the kings of the entire continent. Please tell me the value that you would like to receive.”

The store owner was asking the person to determine the price of the things to be sold rather than doing it himself.

The items to be sold were either white or blue in color.

There were drawings of various plants, and depending on one’s taste, there were also colorful patterns like golden dragons, Wy-3 who was spreading his wings through the floating white cloud and as well as Bingryong.

Weed didn’t sell the Masterpiece and Magnum Opus ceramics that he created since he was planning on putting it up on the Art Center. Since there’s a lot of residents in Morata, that fact is already enough to see that his income for the entrance fees would be on the increasing side.

Those common ceramics were really just intended to be disposed of and only gives a good price with the treatment of specialty products.

“These ceramics… determining their value is so difficult that it made me sweat blood. Going to the wide world, a lot of people are asking and hoping if they could just buy these for 798 gold each and would mean a lot to them if they receive it at that price.”

Speaking of it as 800 gold would give it a feel of being too expensive so that’s why he decreased the price by 2 gold!

Although ceramics wasn’t Weed’s specialty, most of the skills used were on a very high level.

If you also consider their artistic value, that price is what it was probably going to get.

” It’s 798 gold… could you get it at that price?”

“You know Weed, the gap between us is really high so naturally I’m unable to get it.”

“But, that money could just buy your armor there.”

“If its cost is like armor for beginners, then I would buy. This level of work isn’t really going to cost a lot of money as you said.”

If the offered price was excessive, the trade was being cancelled. Sometimes, if the money that he asks for is more than the reasonable amount, he was being given penalties as an artist along with lowering of his reputation.

Weed was really sensitive about that fact and that’s also why he is very reluctant sell it at that.

A shop owner said after a moment of contemplating.

“If this was under normal conditions, I would buy this for the correct value. But ceramics such as this are currently being seeked out by a lot of people. Although it would take time to separately sell them, needless to say, it’s already enough for me to get it. We would now be able to put specialty products that hits the prices at 500 gold. Thank you for selling your ceramics, my Lord!”

– Your first trade has succeeded.
Currently, whenever you sell goods, you would get 3 Honor stat.

The value of the ceramics was actually worth more than he thought.

However, the shop owner said as he continued.

“However, once I buy a bulk of these art pieces, I’m going to be lacking in funds. How about I give a downpayment of 220 for each of them first, will it be alright?”

“I will sell them.”

The shop owners were being meticulous in checking each of the ceramics. They were looking for cracks or if the colors of the entirety was uneven or even if the patterns were displaced. Either way, the prices were being slashed more and more.

But still, these items were a little hard to find. And with his works, some purchased them at a higher price than others.

– You have reaped massive profits from selling large amounts of artworks.
Fame has increased by 3589.
Honor as Sculptor has increased by 9.
Charm has increased by 7.
The Local Reputation of Morata has increased by 1.

He received a profit of 268,000 gold!

As for Weed, he already created enough clamor with the residents of the other regions and Morata.

Now that his ceramics were being sold, it is going to be scattered in each of the regions within the continent and would meet their new owners.

There were even some people who were looking for Weed’s ceramic plates.

Perhaps a lot of people that are to be born in Morata will have big dreams of becoming a Ceramist. This is because of the abundance of the good soil just scattered about and also with the Forge of Hestia being created along with a lot of investments in culture for the city which were also better than anywhere else you could found in the continent.

Since Morata will now sell a lot of good quality ceramics, it is going to be registered as a local specialty product. Now that precious items will receive a specialty product treatment, it would create a temporary trend within.

“Esteemed Lord, I thank you for your trade.”

“You’ve done your business well.”

Weed just came out from a trading post.

After the users heard the news that he appeared, they visited him together like a bee swarm.

“You must’ve earned a fortune from those trades.”

“It’s just pretty decent.”

“Since its Weed-nim, it isn’t something special, right? You can’t be pleased by a deal like that.”

Weed indeed sold ceramics and gained a large amount of money. He put his hands onto his mouth trying stop himself from laughing.

Even if it was just for a precious medicinal root, he would be slightly pleased by it.


While trying to maintain decency, he also still managed to look dignified and solemn.

The popularity of Weed in Royal Road has already reached the top. It is very rare to see people in Morata that don’t like him.

The village elder of Morata walked with a cane.

“My Lord, I am here.”

Weed established himself and toughened his expression.

This village elder who became the Earl of Morata brought back so much painful memories of spending a lot of his money!

“Due to the rule of this great Earl, this village has become a city and truly became a great place to live in.”

“Of course, that’s what we need to be doing.”

“This land is now….”

The village elder stopped for a moment and had a look of having filled with regret.

‘There’s no way he’s going to ask again…’

Given the economic scale of Morata, Weed was no longer that poor anymore that investments will shake him up. Although he achieved a lot of profits with it, making your hard-earned money disappear in an instant would also make one cringe.

And now, he didn’t want to lose even one gold.

“This land has been welcomed by good development with the indomitable leadership of its Lord. The people who lived here were also hardworking and loyal. After the fall of Niflheim Empire, the people who were suffering from the monsters and cold still enjoyed an abundant and safe living, and all this thanks to the Lord.”


Weed was becoming more anxious as he received more praises.

Surely enough, he had some request, trying to explain their background for very long.

From an early age, rather than praises, he was more familiar with scoldings.

“As long as it is with their Lord, even if it is a monster lair, they will follow you without hesitation. I say this on behalf of the residents. To ensure that the development and glory of Morata will continue, I am making an earnest request as Earl for the army to go to the higher place and touch the entirety of the North.”


The Small Kingdom that Began in the Land of the North.
The population and economic power of Morata has already succeeded that of a size of a city.
The residents have faith that does not easily shaken the security and also enjoy religious freedom and cultural prosperity.
After the collapse of the Niflheim Empire, you are considered the most developed city in the North.
All the adventure and trade in Morata is already enough for this to be accomplished.
Bring back the stability of the fallen lost people.
The beginning of your Kingdom is going to be a small territory. It’s going to be haunted by a bunch of monsters and due to the unknown dangers, it may not go as smoothly as expected.
But, the residents are willing for this request because they believe that their Lord will dominate for the better future.
Can you bring the big burden of leading Morata onto your shoulders?
If you accepted the Elder’s proposal, you will rise in place as the King of city states after your rough coronation.
Morata and Vargo Fortress is going to be declared as a region of your Kingdom.
Other than the town areas, the territorial expansion in the surrounding place will accelerate.
Your political power will increase in the nearby areas.
Although the size of your army is increasing, the residents will still feel anxiety. However, if the size of your army is too small, feeling this anxiety is much worse.
You can arrange diplomatic actions with the other Kingdoms.
In the internal affairs and construction areas, you could exercise your authority to be more powerful. You can now build the new buildings that are added.
The result of these diplomatic negotiations may vary according to the King’s Fame, and the event that will occur in these affairs will be depending on your Luck.

The Country’s King!

Because of the birth of Haven Kingdom, some small countries that will belong to users will rise in place.

The difference them is, the Kingdom was already equipped, not like Morata that needs to be cultivated by the people in position.

Weed finished the calculations in his head.

This thing that came wasn’t just a blessing for this person.

Entertainment, bribes, blind money, high status.

These things are indeed what was believed to bring spicy elements in life into this world.

“I will go forth and break through difficulties with the people of Morata and devote a lifetime living with it.”

The dream of being a permanent dictator!

– You have accepted the King’s seat.
All your rights are born of after your coronation.
The form of your Kingdom from a small city state could become a formal Kingdom depending on the size of your territory.
Choose the name for your Kingdom.

“A name for the Kingdom…”

There was no apparent name that was quickly rising on Weed.

Yet, what he was thinking as the usual names of Yellowy, Wy-1, Wy-2, Wy-3, it would be best not to name the capital this way.

Probably, he’s the first user to create a Kingdom in the north and is going to be ridiculed with a name like that.

But, Weed immediately decided for the name of his kingdom.

The Sculptor who unified the continent and created the Arpen Empire!

Even though their glory has passed for a number of years now, you could still raise something that is fallen if your mind pursued on achieving it.

– You have chosen ‘Arpen’ as the name of your Kingdom.
The activities of your kingdom officially begins after the coronation finishes.
Please decide for the amount of funds to be used for your coronation.
A more luxurious and magnificent coronation would lead to a high Fame of your kingdom alongside with a high loyalty of your army.

Weed did not like those formalities.

Substance is not really important for him, if he is to calculate the up and downs of this coronation he’d rather have Morata be as it is.

“The cost of the coronation…. still anyway, I suppose 30 gold is what the ceremony just needs.”

In his thinking, he just wanted to put and leave a glass of water to them. But still, its scale is significantly increased being a national event.

“I think that’s just too small. His Majesty the King have an extreme strictness as Lord so the residents also have a certain bar of expectations from him. The diplomatic envoys from the foreign lands would also laugh at us and it’s not even enough to inform the entire north about our Arpen Kingdom.”

“I cherish the residents either as King or Lord of this place and that fact would not change. I’m simply paying the coronation at the minimum. And if there’s even 10 gold that remains on the money, please use that money to pay for the maintenance and jobs of the poor residents of Morata.”

“Okay then. It will proceed according to the Lord’s will.

– You have chosen 30 gold for the cost of your coronation.

Weed then finished his day in Morata and with the help of Yurin, they moved to Vargo Fortress.

“I must use this money from those ceramics to build buildings.”

Vargo Fortress was yet to be touched.

The Great Trees Square, Orcish Baths, Maroon Colored Streets were made.

He ordered for the building of the buildings of the the city of Ratzeburg where the four races lived together.

In addition to the advantage of their low construction costs, the different races also liked it. The Barbarians, Dwarves, and Elves living together could raise the effectiveness of these buildings.

“This is nice for its cheap price!”

The construction of the buildings in Ratzeburg had cost 150,000 gold while the remaining money was used to build markets, commodity exchanges, etc.

The lots of tradings from between the races increased the trading tax income.

He also built forges where the Dwarves could stay.

With the characteristics of the elves, he built the Archery Training Center for them to use. It made it possible for the improved accuracy and change of profession to Archers and Rangers.

“I suppose it would be best to level up as an archer here.”

With monsters flocking to the city walls, an archer would be able to shoot unlimited times which was the best condition for their growth. The Archers are also able to increase their proficiency as much as they want in their skills like Penetrating Arrows and Tracking Arrows.

In order to give the Barbarians something, a Warrior Arena was also made. It was a place for teaching them things such as learning how to control the body and learning different skills.

“I guess that’s roughly enough.”

Weed then moved towards Thor, Kingdom of the Dwarves.


The Largest Dwarven City in the Norn Mountains.

Iron Hammer!

It is the capital of Thor Kingdom and also the largest producer of steel in the Versailles Continent.

After watching the little dwarves that were running around the fountain, Yurin said.

“The Dwarves are so cute together. They aren’t even slow at running.”

“Hadn’t Dwarves shown up in the city before?”

“Even though sometimes I’ve seen many Dwarves in the tourist spots, this is first time I’ve seen them like this.”

Together with Yurin, Weed headed to the authorities of Thor Kingdom.

In the Thor Kingdom, there are no kings, only alternating Dwarf Elders.

“Human adventurer. We have also heard about your name, do you have any important business? You may enter.”

The Dwarves guarding the entrance willingly moved out of the way, due to Weed’s high Fame.

Due to his virtues, he was able to immediately meet the Dwarf Elder.

“What brings you to come and see me?”

“I’m here to speak about your relations with the Orcs.”

“Those orcs. There is no way we can get along with those dirty bastards who spout smelly snorts. Don’t try to accomplish such a fool’s errand.”


Friendship with Dwarf Elder
Dwarf Einhand is annoyed about the Orcs.
Dwarves and Orcs would fight with each other whenever they faced each other during their journeys.
But if you became friendly with Einhand, he will lend his ears to listen to you.
Difficulty: D
Quest Limit: In order to do the Relation Improvement of the Orcs and Dwarves quest, you must complete this quest first.

“Please try to listen a little more to my story. It’s an important story.”

– You have accepted the Quest.

Weed came to know about the character of Einhand through the boards.

‘He really likes jewelry, custom-made armor and alcohol.’

If Weed wrote a thesis about flattery, he’d definitely get a Ph.D!

It may be recognized in a prestigious international journal.

He simply took out and showed him a ceramic cup.

“Although this is not really much of a big deal, I am offering this as a gift to Dwarf Elder whom I always admired.“

“This thing… recently, these ceramics became very popular.. I can’t believe you made this wonderful stuff. I really respect the skills of humans. But it’s really a pity that Dwarves love metal more.”

Einhand’s evaluation in Weed has slightly increased.

The Dwarves has extraordinary Handicraft so if they saw an excellent piece, naturally they would like it.

“I’m not talented much. I think that putting your soul into the sword that you create is what truly makes it an outstanding masterpiece. And also, this is an item that I have discovered accidentally. Let’s try it just once.”

Weed took out a bottle of wine.

Inside it was the ale that he found in Montvertruria.

Several types of fruit were contained in the barrels and the Wyverns carried them over to Morata.

He made Wy-3 send a barrel to the Geomchis to look if it really tastes like wine. After that, he was immediately sent back for more.

Actually whenever the liquor bottle was opened, animals would gather responding to its smell. While Weed came to see the Dwarf, he purposely brought a bottle of the wine

The wrinkled eyes of Einhand frowned.

“I can’t really understand those habits of people on drinking wine.. Who the hell is going to drink this thing that tastes sour?”

“I think so too. I only put the contents in this wine bottle because it’s worthy to store it here.”

“I am actually very strict about drinks. If you dare insult me with this and my tongue the tasted nothing but poor liquor, it’s going to be regrettable that stories about this moment will be known.”

Weed pulled out the cork.

‘Ttak!’ And the clear sound spread out along with the pungent aroma of the ale.

“Kueueuee! This, This smell…..”

“This ale was found in Montverturia. If you want to, I could just tell the story later. I just hope you could taste a little of it. ”

“So you say that this smell is what it really tastes like. This is my first time smelling this kind of fragrance. Is this drink really alcohol?”

This drink, wouldn’t you want to drink it?

Weed poured the ale into the glasses that he brought along.

When he saw the bubbles rising up in the drink, Einhand’s eyes trembled violently.

“Thank you! Keueuk. It’s really a taste that kills.”

– After drinking the ale, Einhand is in a good mood.
Friendship with The Dwarf Elder has been completed.
After the completion of this Friendship with The Dwarf Elder, the stubborn Einhand now finds human adventurers as favorable.
Although he did a wonderful job, but the stories will seem to show something contrasting, about talents of human adventurers and ale.

The Dwarf being excessively praised and then the gifts, then a bribe liquor to top it off!

Even in Republic of Korea, bribery and alcohol weren’t things that could be stopped.

Then, Weed started talking stories about the Orcs.

“Long ago, Dwarves, Humans, Elves and Orcs lived together by cooperating with each other.”

The person who was listening to these words had differing expressions than normal. Weed was explaining about Ratzeburg.

Of course, It’s centered largely around the Dwarves.

“It’d not be an exaggeration to say that Dwarves worked with iron just to feed the remaining three races.”

“I didn’t know there was such a thing that happened long ago. I’ve complete faith in your words”

“The Orcs are also aware of this and plan to get along with the Dwarves by sincerely apologising.”

“So, I guess Orcs too have conscience in them.”


Relation Improvement of the Orcs and Dwarves has been completed.
The Dwarves have accepted the peace request of the Orcs.
In the future, fights between the two would be reduced a little.
– Friendship between Dwarves and Orcs has increased.
– Fame has increased by 157.

Einhand said.

“Us generous Dwarves are going to also send a little present to those barbaric Orcs. I’ll ask our blacksmiths to make glaives for the Orcs and send it to them.”

“Orcs would also love it when they received the gift. Indeed, the Orcs could forever try but they would never catch up to a Dwarf’s ability to create weapons.”

The production and transportation of the glaives along with sending it to the Orcs became a quest that the users could take. If you think about it, this should probably bring the true sense of being successful in the relation improvement.

Of course, if this important transportation quest failed, it’d revert back and would be difficult for the two races to get close again.

Einhand said.

“Given the circumstances of the Orcs, I think it would be already enough if you teach us Dwarves about the way of sculpting.”

“Among the humans, my skills are fine as well. How can I dare to keep up with the skills of Dwarves anyway?”

“No. Your name is well known among a lot of Dwarves.You’ve made considerable amount of work to lead the art of Continent Versailles.”

Weed was becoming very proud about his skills and was about to praise himself but Dwarf Einhand continued.

“But whenever I see a sculpture, I feel disappointed.”


“How much do you know about iron? To process and strengthen iron by using several kinds of materials is an easy task for us. It’s no exaggeration to say we Dwarves bring prosperity to the human civilization.”

Iron was an important material in the world.

It was used as the material for making most of the weapons and as a construction material too.

Iron is an essential material used for the development of a country.

“Most of the sculptors use materials, like trees and rocks that are easy to handle, to create sculptures. One can make a beautiful iron sculpture if he is skilled. As a sculptor, if you could create a sculpture that expresses the beauty of iron, you’d gain recognition among dwarves.”


Dwarves Love Iron.
If a sculptor wants to be recognized by the dwarves, he must be able to handle iron.
You must possess remarkable skills to deal with iron.
The level should be significant to the eyes of the dwarves.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest.
Quest limit: Advanced Sculpting Level 8 or higher.
Blacksmithing Skill must be Beginner level 8 or higher.
After the completion of this quest, familiarity with Einhand will increase.

“Ah, well, did I drank too much beer last night? I’ve been seeing the wrong people. Quite a lot of people know that you already have the knowledge even regarding blacksmithing. There’s no need for you to be doing this!”

– You have completed the quest
– Fame has increased by 350
– Blacksmithing Skill proficiency has increased.
– Intimacy with the Dwarf Einhand has increased. It is already enough for you to share beer with him all night.

Weed was able to solve the quest immediately because of his high Blacksmithing Skill.

‘So this was the destiny of being a Jack-of-all-trades Sculptor.’

Only a Jack-of-all-trades person could handle a variety of Sculpting materials.

Einhand spoke again.

“Kehehem, with your ability as a blacksmith, you are pretty comfortable to talk to. On top of us being Dwarves, there’s also story about our weakness….”

“Is there something you’re concerned about?”

Weed, who was cunning with his flattery and sweet words, changed his face with a serious expression and showed that he was seriously concerned.

His acting skills would even overshadow the real actors.

For money, he could even pull off an act of crying.

“Do you know about Kaybern?”

“Yes, I know about him.”

Akryong Kaybern!

He’s the longest resident of Thor Kingdom.

Dwarves have been living in these rugged mountains, and this region was in the territory of Kaybern.

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