Volume 27 Chapter 9

A Meeting with a Sculptural Lifeform Race

Weed said to Einhand.

“The Sculptures of the Arpen Empire Emperor haven’t disappeared yet. I have already learned it.”

“Ah, that’s great!”

Einhand had burst out an exclamation just like when he drank the delicious ale.

“If you are what you said, then you really ought to be called a Great Sculptor. Then, if I could ask you for one more favor, do you know the place called Ugoth?”

Weed have somewhat seen the said place.

In Thor Kingdom, it’s the name of the region south of Saigorn Mountains. The Dwarf Warriors block the monsters in the border regions while there are also a lot of high-level adventurers visiting this place because of the numerous undiscovered dungeons that are yet to be found here.

A message window flashed in front of Weed.

– You have chosen Sculpture Life Bestowal for your Sculpting Master Quest
The rest of your Profession Master Quest is going to be determined by commissions related to Sculptural Lifeforms.

“Anyway, some Dwarves there have talked with the Goblins.”

“What did they say?”

“They said that whenever they walk as they sing songs, they would occasionally see small creatures among the bushes.”

“What was their size?”

“About half of a squirrel? They’re probably not monsters, though, we Dwarves have actually never met them. I think it would be better if you investigate what’s in there. I don’t really think it’s something major so just look it up whenever you’re not busy. If you have the time, then just check it out.”

“Well, I’m going to go look at it whenever I’m not busy today.”

Although Weed answered like that, he thought that it was something that is needed to be found.

These kinds of hints are sometimes connected to huge events or rewards. Of course, although that is very much unlikely to be the case, it was still worth to check it out.

“And in Ugoth, because there has been a swarm of monsters recently, a lot of Dwarves are currently in danger. If you could make strong Sculptural Lifeforms as if they were made of steel like in the past Arpen Empire, I think you would be able to regain peace and order in Ugoth. Although, yes, it is a shameless favor, but could you give a little bit of help to the Dwarves in Ugoth? ”

“Of course, I’ll see to it and do my best.”

Weed thought it was just a simple Combat Quest.

Although it was something rare for a Sculpting Quest, it may be a commission that will give him a heavier burden as it was a quest regarding Sculpture Life Bestowal.

“And also, you would do a great deal of help for us by doing this. So if you help Ugoth, us Dwarves won’t even know what valuable gift we would give.”


Protectors of Ugoth
A hidden force of the Arpen Empire!
If a Sculptor knows how to use Sculpture Life Bestowal, he would be able to do a great deal of help for the Dwarves of Saigorn Mountains.
Enter with 10 or more Sculptural Lifeforms and lead them to help restore the peace in Ugoth.
The Dwarves will reward you for this favor.
And, you may be able to find something else in Ugoth. Although, it might also be one of the lies of the Goblins as well…..
If you encounter these strange creatures, it will lead to the next stage of the chain quest.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest.
Quest Limit: Advanced Sculpting Level 8 or higher.
Sculpture Life Bestowal Skill needed.
Playing Skill Level – It requires the cooperation of a Bard with Singing Skill of Intermediate Level or higher.
You need to hunt 500 monsters to complete the quest.

Weed didn’t actually remember anymore the levels of the monsters in Ugoth

Even if the place would have quite a high level of difficulty, if it were those Sculptural Lifeforms, it wouldn’t really be a commission that would take a long time. However, in the long run, having taken Sculpture Life Bestowal for his Profession Master Quest, he was a little worried that the Combat Quests are going to be more and more difficult.

In fact, he didn’t really have much faith about continuing his quest with his Sculptural Lifeforms.

“As incompetent guys, bringing them all here would just do nothing…. If I want to move forward with these guys and in my quest, it’s going to be difficult.”


“I don’t really know why was I even born. Meooooo.”

“Pick Light Wing. He’s loyal to master.”

The Sculptural Lifeforms were gathered together by Weed as they were being scolded.


All the Barbarians around Vargo Fortress were anxious about a certain place.

“No Warrior has gone in there and come out alive.”

“Legends say that a devil lives in there.”

“That place has an awful smell of rotting corpses along with an ominous aura flowing around it. If you want to take your life, there are much better ways to do it.”

Therefore, the Geomchi instructors and practitioners received a quest from the Barbarians.

“Uh, can we do this?”

“Even if we fail, we’re not going to die.”

“Your brains aren’t on your foreheads, so use it as we strike them.”

“We will follow the words of Master.”

The Barbarians said that they were difficult monsters that is why they would flock them and defeat them with sheer numbers.

Since there was no need for all 505 persons to do it, they divided their number and was scattered through different dungeons.

“ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ENTER THIS PLACE. Well, those words are something we should worry about.”

“Where is the entrance located?”

“Some human warriors even say that the trees above prevent us from calling out.”

“Then that would be fun. I will fight first!”

“Those guys have awfully strong claws. At least it weakens them when it rains since its sight is not that good in the rain, if you use that….”

“In any case, is it just that way that I could kill it? Even if the rain does not come, I’m still going to fight.”

*Fight* *Fight* *Fight*

“Go faster!”

“Let’s welcome the monster gladly.”

The Geomchis rushed in as they endured and clutched their injuries.

They run, crush, and fight as they do each dungeon and overwhelmingly reduce the time to accomplish it in the shortest time possible.

“We don’t need to complicate things. Just kill everything that is an enemy.”

“The idea of Master is right!”

As usual, they exceeded being heroic in battle as they died one after another.

Geomchi489 is a person who belonged to what could be said as an elite class of the society.

From an early age, he had demonstrated the characteristics of being a promising genius and it continued till middle school, high school until early graduation.

And, he left the best University in the Republic of Korea and became an exchange student to study abroad for a government scholarship. He won mathematical championships; he was also well known in the academic community to the extent of publishing his own journal paper.

He was guaranteed to be employed as one of the chief executives in a company and had even mastered the art of overspeeding on a highway without getting caught by surveillance cameras!

Geomchi489 has a lot of self-distress in his life.

‘Like this, I’m going to be promoted by the director which is earlier than others even than the vice director…. also the director. Earn salaries of hundred millions and also earn bonuses that will depend on the stocks. The companies will also give out personal cars, and later on I would climb up to be the CEO or Vice president of the company.’

Although he seemed to live a successful life, he never felt the joy of living. On the television, what appeared wasn’t that interesting as it showed something about a group.

It was about a dojang where they could come for exercise, and grabbing the chance would allow them to see the path of the sword.

His whole body felt a burning passion to welcome the sword.

Since then, the sword became his hobby and he started attending the dojang. Although drops of sweat came out as he worked hard, he still enjoyed training his body.

However, there were some minor side effects.

Being with the other practitioners or just wearing his uniform gave him a habit of using violence more than his head.

“Kill them!”

He didn’t care about the knowledge he accumulated from the society. If someone grabs the sword along with the practitioners, then one would naturally become ignorant.

The correct and wrong decisions are what matters little thought is given to other matters.

If one had the courage to throw one’s life away, giving importance to the body rather than the knowledge, a life in ignorance could be rather fun.

“Look. If you try, it’s possible isn’t it!”

“Yes, Master.”

“Being under command of Master is really…. a blessing of the Versailles Continent.”

The surviving instructors and practitioners were busy flattering Geomchi.

The seniors cooperated with each other while raising their levels at a high speed. They also gained and distributed information about the new hunting grounds around Vargo Fortress.

Geomchi3 saw Zephyr and his colleagues as they wandered around the shops.

“Hey, Zephyr.”

“Yes, hyung.”

“Are you doing anything?”


Geomchi3 was gritting as it was really urgent. Although Zephyr had a challenge that was needed to be completed by tomorrow, he was unable to make himself say it.

“I’m not.”

“Then, let’s hunt together.”

“Well… Let’s do it then, hyung-nim. But, there’s also Pale-nim and the others.”

Zephyr knew that the Geomchis were very ignorant as he saw it whenever they were hunting.

But, they were not strangers who didn’t know things about Vargo Fortress.

When the Barbarians said a word to them about a place, the Geomchis went along with the practitioners and completely swept the monsters in there!

They exhibited their combat skills and hunting speed which was enough to cause the Barbarians to be amazed.

Like this, whenever they take part in hunting, it was an obvious fact that one would likely die.

If he came alone without Pale, Surka, Irene and Romuna, and got sandwiched between the practitioners, he might collapse because of exhaustion without having any partner to share his pain.

“Alright. Then, we will start when we are all together.”

Like that, they have decided to hunt altogether!

Geomchi2 has been reunited with Seechwi who was surrounded by Orcs.

“It’s been a while, chwiiig!”

“You did a lot of effort just to come this far.”

Both of them hugged each other tightly as they shared their warmth.

Looking at it, although it was awkward as it was a display of affection between an Orc and a Human, it was an affectionate feeling for the two.

“I have to go for hunting now….”

“Let’s go together, chwichichwiik!”

Orc Commander Seechwi led the Orcs and joined the hunt.

Elite Orc Champions entered the dungeon and hunted. As the Orc Champions traveled beyond their Rugged Mountains, they grew while fighting with monsters.

And Seoyoon also hunted along with the practitioners. In other words, they were a disaster.

Anyway, since she has only been making ceramics and sculptures for a while now with Weed, she wanted to raise her level by hunting along with the Geomchis.

The profession of Seoyoon, the more she fights the more powerful she becomes, a Beserker!

Not only does the power of her skills were great, as soon as she finishes an entire dungeon, she would immediately go to another dungeon. She goes around attracting a large number of monsters while the Geomchi instructors and practitioners just watched from the sides looking at her ability to slaughter.

“That girl is stronger than us…..”

“Our hunting abilities seems to be unable to keep up in comparison with hers.”

“No! This can’t be! Even if we lose to her at eating meat we can’t lose at fighting. Let’s go!”

Geomchi, the instructors and the practitioners became more ignorant.


In order for Weed to complete the Ugoth Quest, he needed to call 1 Bard.

“So I must not do this alone and also need cooperate with a user of different profession. And the Bard should also be a fairly high level and must have at least Intermediate level of skill.”

He could always ask for help when regards to Bards since they dominate Morata more than in any other city. Although there were lots of talented people in Morata, people would run towards him even barefooted if it was Weed who called. Unfortunately, his skill level wasn’t that high yet.

“If it’s Bellot, she’s going to be enough since it just needs to be Intermediate.”

Weed sent a whisper to Bellot.

– Excuse me, are you free right now?

– Heek heek.

– Bellot-nim?

– Whew. Sorry, did you just call me?

She still had her usual charm, though the only difference was she was in a hurry which was not the usual Bellot.

– Right now, if you have some time….

– Weed-nim! I have time, I absolutely have!

– If I could just have a moment, I need you to help me on something

– Just so I could escape here. Then… I would have a lot of time.

It was the first time that something about having lots of time for a man came out from the mouth of Bellot.

At her current situation, she was interrupted as she was fighting with Hwaryeong and the Geomchis.

Although her level rose quite easily, she was still quite pleased. Their hunt will not end even after their current hunt while she was already exhausted and wobbly on playing and singing songs.

– Then, I will ask and contact Yurin to take you with her.

– Please do, and come a little faster.


Weed, Bellot, the 6 Wyverns, Goldman, Yellowy, Silver Bird, and Light Wing arrived together in Ugoth. Gold Bird also came along because of Silver Bird.

Ugoth was located in one of 6 areas of the Dwarves, he rode a Wyvern to the sky and overlooked the buildings where the Dwarves lived. Of course, the Dwarves became even smaller. However, this is also where they built lots of armors, weapons and others.

The Adventurers who visited roamed around the busy streets away from the races.

“First, we’re going to catch monsters, you alright with that?”

Bellot sighed deeply.

“So. I’m going to hunt again?”

She just escaped from the tigers and actually came to the lion!

“It’s just 500 monsters, we should be able to get this done and catch them easily.”

“Did you just say 500?”

Bellot took out her instrument and was ready to play.

The combat abilities of a Bard are actually on a decent side. However, the bodies of the Sculptures of Life didn’t move from their places. She was just playing something that would significantly boost the potential of the Sculptural Lifeforms when…

“Kaeaek. Somehow, what I hear are just noises.”


The Wyverns didn’t like music because of their brutal and hurried nature. However, Silver Bird liked it enough that she danced about as she chirped.

As the strings of Bellot’s instrument strummed, Silver Bird did an adorable dance.

However, the adorable and cute movements of Silver Bird weren’t appreciated by the insensitive Weed.

“Are you drunk?”

“Twit twit!”

Silver Bird turned her head and showed a sulky look.

The Wyverns were suspicious and thought that they had been left behind while the others got to drink.

“In any case, let the battle begin!”

The price he needed to pay for the Quest was mobilizing his Sculptural Lifeforms.

The Wyverns, who could also be called the Lord of the Heavens, flew even on the low mountains.

Weed and Goldman were armed with bows and shot any monsters that were wandering in the woods. If their arrows just grazed though the monsters and survived, the Wyverns would immediately follow them with an assault.

“I’ll play a quick rhythm.”

Since Bellot played at a higher speed, the Wyverns felt that they were lighter along with enhanced agility and moved quickly.

The monsters of Ugoth were suitable prey for the Sculptural Lifeforms. Occasionally, when he found places where lots of monsters gathering around, Weed would jump to the ground.

“Radiant Sword!”

Weed rode Yellowy as they rallied in and win battles.

– Remaining Monsters: 264

The hunt progressed quickly.

Although there are high-level monsters in the areas of Ugoth, they were quite fragile from the combination of the Wyverns.


Silver Bird called up a mysterious fog.

Although it was normally used in a siege, it was still possible to use it even in these high mountain areas. It was a technique that endangers the monsters by confusing which also boosts the morale of the soldiers.

In Vargo Fortress, this technique of Silver Bird was something that is used very often for the soldiers and Sculptural Lifeforms for them fight with an advantage.

Bellot, who was riding Wy-1, showed a clear smile as she was playing.

“So pretty.”

The mysterious fog shrouded the Saigorn Mountains and stretched out as the monsters lost their sense of direction and wandered around.

Although Bellot had a lot of combat experience, she was still isolated in the fog while the Wyverns had the great idea of assaulting anyone with the shape of a monster.

However, Weed said casually.

“Hey, I cannot look for japtem… cancel your skill.”


“Anyways, I didn’t tell you to do this.”

Since she cast her skill needlessly, Silver Bird could only suffer the scolding.

Silver Bird, who considered Weed as a father since birth, twisted her beak in dismay and sulked. In time it actually became crooked now.

And so, they ended up fighting 500 monsters until the evening.


– You have completed the target number of monsters in the Guardians of Ugoth quest.
You can receive your compensation for your commission by going into town to look for the Dwarf.

Although it was also a fact that they hunted more quickly, it still took some time for them to distinguish the monsters.

Because it was related to the quest it was better to hunt higher level monsters than lower ones since they might receive better rewards from the dwarves,.

“Now Bellot-nim, I’ll be needing your time.”

“What’s the matter?”

Weed’s Quest was probably just getting started.

Since, if he didn’t find the small creatures that the Goblins have told about, then it wouldn’t lead to another quest.


As Weed hunted around Ugoth, he looked carefully at his surroundings.

It was a place of lush greenery and yet, it is said that the Goblins are living in a nearby cave.

“Then, I’ll start here.”

Bellot sang as she played her instrument.

Going for a walk in a deep dark mountain path~

Stepping on the falling leaves making a rustling sound

And as I walk I lost my way

This trip will lead me somewhere

I don’t know what’s coming out

I tremble as I sing a song

Whenever I hear the wolves

In the night, her voice spread in all directions.

Although Bellot’s ability to handle instruments was considerable as a Bard, her voice was the one which was particularly beautiful and clear.

But occasionally, some creatures, except for the Goblins, would take a look and peek on them then escape. And the small creatures among the bushes also didn’t show up.

Bellot thought to herself.

‘This is embarrassing.’

Of course, although they had Sculptures of Life with them, the idea of singing while being alone with a man brings a pretty strange atmosphere.

She felt nothing but shyness and throbbing!

“Even now, there’s still nothing that’s coming out. I’ll just continue to sing.”

As Bellot continued her singing, she hoped that something would occasionally hear her music and show up.

Since they were near the cave of the goblins, other monsters don’t usually come out which was why it had quite a desolate atmosphere.

Yellowy and the Wyverns fell down and dozed off as they fell asleep.

Eventually, Weed intruded.

“There seems to be something wrong with the song.”


Although her job in reality wasn’t really a singer, Bellot was still a proud Bard inside Royal Road.

“The tone accuracy and my playing, I don’t think I really had any mistakes there?”

Weed shook his head.

“I didn’t mean it like that. Let me just recall and sing the lines in the song once again.”

“….. Let me have this one.”

Weed’s singing was the worst of the worst.

Although Bellot also knew this very well, she just decided to follow him and didn’t react even after he tried to sing some of her songs.

Weed just changed the lyrics of the songs that she will sing.

“The song will be like this.”

“The lyrics are a bit… How will I put this?”

She can’t bear to say it since the lyrics were already embarrassing enough to even try and just say it on its own!

However, there seems to have a high probability that the Wyverns and Yellowy will like them upon hearing them.

“Well, let me sing it then.”

A jewel is buried in a deep dark mountain path~

The fallen leaves below make a rustling sound

I cooked a bunch of delicious food.

No one also comes here.

A song that nobody listens to.

A song you mustn’t hear.

Don’t come here to hear.

Weed was thinking as he listened to the beautiful song of Bellot.

‘This will make the Goblins come….’

Her singing skills were quite on the decent side.

The song has a refreshing feeling to it without any messy tune nor any careless high notes.

It was very nice to listen to along with her clear playing. If her proficiency is already enough, Weed would most likely find those little creatures.

‘Maybe there’s a problem with the lyrics?’

Weed immediately saw something that moved.

When Bellot already changed the lyrics of her song, the reactions of his Sculptural Lifeforms also changed.


Yellowy who was down with his sleepy eyes dug into the ground using his hind feet.

(T/N: Digging SFX)

Yellowy was trying to find if whether or not there was really a gem.

Of course, it was also true for the Wyverns, even Silver Bird and Golden Bird chirped and released their hunger chirps.

*rustle* *rustle*

And then, a gentle shake resounded from the bushes.

Weed was able to find the creatures that were smaller than a pine cone that were squinting in the bushes.


You have found the Ellyons, a Sculptural Lifeform race that was given life by the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen.
Ellyon is a race that belongs to the fairies.
Since they have a very long life, it’s hard to find a case where someone dies of old age from them.
Their body size is very small while they also love music and sculptures.
The foods that they eat are mainly dew and grains that they gather during dawn.
They are peaceful creatures and aren’t interested in fighting. They don’t even have a territory that separates them from others.
They love this place and didn’t seriously damage the nature.
– Due to this rediscovery, maximum Health has increased by 1000.
Mana has increased by 500.
All stats has increased by 2.
– You can report this new race that you have found to a King or Lord.
If the cities and countries knew about the Ellyons, your Knowledge and Affinity to Nature will increase.
Guardians of Ugoth has been completed.
Goblins being honest, that fact is something that one would find hard to believe. But what they said was true.
– Sculpting Skill proficiency has increased.
– You have a good reputation with the with the Goblins.
If you talk with them, they will give you stories about what they know.
– Luck has increased by 7
– You have completed the Protector of Ugoth Quest.
You can now proceed to the next stage of your Sculpting Master Quest.


Bard Ray had to pay 400 defensive troops to take defense in Kraton Castle.

Even if the castle fortifications could be used, the troops fighting for the other side was 10 times greater than them.

The soldiers were being trained and had brought out their new equipments like throwing spears and swords!

There were only 20 days till all of their enemies marched towards them.

During that time, the soldiers were being trained and the residents were either forcefully recruited or being commanded to do renovations.

Of course, since they lack war supplies, it was just barely possible for them to increase their production capacity.

“I made a mistake, I’m sorry.”

Even though Bard Ray was the one who directed their training, the soldiers were still unable to follow along easily.

“If you do not listen….”

Bard Ray took out his sword then brandished it.

Then, the soldier who made the mistake changed into a gray light then disappeared.

“.. you will die. Keep it into your mind.”

– The soldiers of Kraton Castle has been reduced to 399
– The fear of the Lord has spread among the soldiers.
Notoriety has increased.
The effect of leadership is going to temporarily improve.


BardRay was already in the eleventh stage of his Black Knight’s Quest.

As the difficulty his quests gradually rose, the support of Hermes Guild also increased accordingly.

The preemptive soldiers for the next quests were given simple items to wear with low-level restrictions such as magic rings, magic daggers, leather armor which was given to them for them to own as their payment.

Although most of his Black Knight Quests are just nothing but blindly fighting to survive, being able to manage troops was a common thing.

He even has his status as the King of Haven Kingdom and along with his charisma and leadership, he was already on a level where you can’t even envy him.

However, it was not enough to immediately turn those soldiers into Elite troops.

In preparation for the upcoming battle along with the plans, a lot of things have changed.

“Have the residents focused on the production of bows and arrows. And, add more people to the wall to repair it overnight.”

“The complaints of the residents will increase.”

“This work is for themselves.”

Although the fatigue and complaints of the residents kept on increasing day by day, Bard Ray could only manage to suppress the rebellions.

The accumulated information that he gained as he ruled the territories of Kallamore Kingdom became useful here.

All of the residents were already dying as they are being abused, unable to take a break.

The soldiers also, those who didn’t follow the proper training were being sent to the hazardous walls to do repair work.

When the 20 days passed by, the enemy was already done preparing for battle.

Soldiers of Kraton Castle: 620 People
Discipline: They may engage in war out of fear of their King
Morale: Low

The enemies came marching towards the castle and the soldiers had put on a strong resistance.

As they dropped stones and shot their arrows, they also fought the enemies who came up on the wall.

That moment of Bard Ray’s Quest was being broadcasted live on every game broadcasting stations.

“Once again, he’s literally just massacring them as if they were monsters!”

He is currently demonstrating an even more overwhelming strength in comparison with all of the combat capabilities he’d previously shown as he dominates the battlefield.

“The soldiers, who are not that quite suitable for fighting are giving a pretty good fight.”

The soldiers who rushed towards Bard Ray still fought while tying him in place in spite of having to sacrifice themselves.

Although they backed off a little bit since they don’t want to get injured, only by killing the Lord would they put an end to this fighting and it’s either they will be killed or be lucky enough to survive.

Eventually, Bard Ray was safe and kept his Kraton Castle which will probably start new legends. A status window appeared and he has obtained the Lightning Spear and a Lightning Armor Set.

His Black Knight Quest proceeded to its next step.

Of course, the part in which BardRay accepted the quest wasn’t disclosed in the broadcast.

“Thy Knight, thine cruelty couldn’t be told as inevitable for peace. For thy sword of the Black Knight, there is a monster near Melbourne Mines on Treipeak Fort. If you have thy sword, you are able to learn the swordsmanship known as Destruction. To wake up this monster, thou must seek the gem from the Earth Shaker.”

Bard Ray laughed coldly.

“Melbourne is… in the area of Black Lion Guild.”



Bellot was tightly clutching her two hands.

The Fairy Ellyon was wearing green clothes along with a hat which was so cute and really adorable.

“This is so nice.”

She twinkled her eyes as she didn’t know what to do with this cute thing.

Also, having discovered the Ellyons together with Weed, she was also given similar rewards.

As a Bard, she will be the first one to sing a song about the Ellyons. And through this song, she would earn greater fame that which would make it possible for her to attract more audience.

Ever since their biggest day of adventure when they visited Jigolaths, she has pretty much been standing by till today.

Weed went down to the Ellyon and lowered his body.

At first he thought that there were only 1 of it, but inside the bush, there was actually more than 30 of them.


Weed spoke and said hello to them.

During the era of Emperor Geihar Von Arpen, there were lots of Sculptural Lifeforms in his Golden Age of Sculpting.

Since he had discovered one of the Sculptural Lifeform race, he couldn’t help but be excited.

– A human.

– He has spotted us.

– Shall we hide again?

– He doesn’t give a good impression. I think he’s a bad man.

According to the reports of the Goblins, they do not run away. But looking at Weed, it looked like the Ellyons were trying to run away.

However, someone among them said.

– Look at those. They’re the same as us.

– They are like art created by children.

The Ellyons came and cheerily jumped up and down on Yellowy and rubbed their face on the bodies of the Wyverns.

“Moooooooo. They smell.”

Yellowy and Wyverns felt ticklish and shook their bodies.

Silver Bird jumped off as it look towards the little fairies, showed a prim air, then flew away as it smiled and went up to the branches.

Weed raised an Ellyon with his finger.

“Ellyon Information Window!”

– You have observed the Sculptural Lifeform.
You cannot check some detailed information.
Name: Ronnie Ellyon
Race: Fairy
Preference: Nature
Level: 51
Occupation: Dew Drinks Leader
Title: The Secretly Wandering Rascal
Fame: 2
A creature that was created by Emperor Geihar.
They are good at farming and also have the ability to dig for minerals.
They love music and arts.
Although they have a few combat skills, it couldn’t be seen by the eyes of the wicked.

Weed looked at the Ellyon closely with his eyes.

As he looked at it closely, the more that it looked like an innocent kid.

It was a fairy girl that was dressed up like a little girl.

– Let me go.

Weed put the Ellyon to the ground.

Suddenly, the Ellyons gathered together and there were 100 small creatures that surrounded Weed in a circle.

Weed and Bellot didn’t run away as the Sculptural Lifeforms did a mysterious thing.

– I’ll let you know something about us.

They heard the voice of the Ellyons.

Then, a vision flowed in the eyes of Weed.


Ever since the death of Emperor Geihar, the one who unified the Versailles Continent, the civilization of the Arpen Empire crumbled rapidly.

Due to the disputes between his children and his Knights, the great empire has scattered away and each of the Sculptural Lifeform had to leave.

“Let’s search for new grounds to live on…..”

“The day will come when the arts and culture in this Continent will bloom again.”

“May peace always be with you.”

The Sculptural Lifeforms, who left the Empire to collapse, experienced dangers and stayed hidden on the continent.

The Dwarves who lived in their underground world, deeper than a subterranean city, ascended to the skies and prayed.

They went to the seas, large islands, mountains and forests that the Humans have not yet explored and even swamps.

Although the Sculptural Lifeforms that Emperor Arpen created were tenacious, they became completely dispersed out.

The Ellyons was in charge of the Empire’s farming, mineral extraction along with its lakes and ponds.

Even without fighting they still had the ability to adapt to things.

They adjusted to the mountains with those rocks and earth while avoiding monsters and managing to stay alive so far.


We have been waiting our days for Sculptor who would be the successor of Emperor Arpen to visit us.

Despite the friendly statement, Weed didn’t feel very bad.

The way of speaking just reminds him of when dust gets caught in his eyes.

‘Sculpting Master Quest. As I’ve discovered Ratzeburg, my reputation as a Sculptor and creating Sculptures had a positive effect and have spread towards each of the races. Back then, when I chose Sculpture Life Bestowal, I’m really going to meet the Sculptural Lifeform Race.’

– We could live a longer time compared to the elves. However, our strength have weakened a lot. To return us back into our original selves, we need the strength of the Sapphire of Melbourne.

Weed flinched as his body trembled.

“Wait you can’t possibly mean…..”

– Wouldn’t you obtain this Sapphire for us and make a sculpture with it?


The Ellyons Wants Sapphire
In the Haineph Mountains of the Tullen Kingdom, there is the human-made Fort named Treipeak.
This fort served as a protection of the Melbourne Mines from monsters and other kingdoms.
While angry spirits haunt the mines, this is also where you could enter and excavate the finest of sapphires which could be used in creating sculptures.
Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest.
Reward: Loyalty of the Ellyons
Quest Limit: Advanced Sculpting Level 8 or higher.
Mining Skill is required
A Magnum Opus Sapphire Sculpture

The Melbourne Mines boasts to be the the continent’s largest depository of iron and sapphires.

If a person gains ownership of these mines, that person will gain astronomical wealth and power.

As a place of never-ending war between the guilds, it has its famous Oden Fort.

Currently, that territory belongs to the Black Lion Guild.

– We have already lived for a long time and we also miss the art and culture of the Arpen Empire. If you then decided to create this sculpture for us, I could only believe in your words then. If you give fresh fruits to the spirits, they will not actually fight.

Weed nodded his head.

“Then, don’t worry about creating the sculpture and just wait for it.”

– You have accepted the quest.

– Thank you.

“No. Only this much is what can I do for you guys….”

The Sculpting Master Quest, he would give his best efforts to the Ellyons since he might be repaid tenfold for his efforts.


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    i think “Weed vs Bardray showdown” will happen in melbourne…they are aiming for the same item after all…

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