Volume 27 Chapter 3

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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The Orc’s Quest

The Hermes Guild had no choice but to devote their time on maintaining rule over Haven Kingdom for the time being.

With the rebels around Kallamore Kingdom jumping around, they must supply materials to be used on the war. In some villages, there were also rebellions happening because of the heavy tax. If a cease fire doesn’t happen soon in the surrounding areas, the embers of the war will be carried around.

The Hermes Guild was prepared and put countermeasures for all possible events. They were actively sending out troops to stabilize their occupied territories and defeat the rebels.

Bard Ray was having complete control over the guild with the work of the executive leaders while he alone, was watching all over it from behind.

“Now, it’s finally time to start what I have been delaying for some time.”

He decided to go visit the Black Knights Guild in the capital of Haven Kingdom.

The Black Knights Guild along with Hermes Guild had many users hanging around a crowded place. When Bard Ray appeared bringing with him his Royal Guards, the crowd became quiet as mice in a dike.

The King of the Haven Kingdom, the strongest person in the continent.

He who owns both authority and power, Bard Ray. Both sides went out of his way as soon as possible.

Bard Ray went up to the instructors and said.

“I want to make all my enemies be on their knees and use the Path of the Sword for justice.”

The users were all silently astonished.

‘Is this the his profession’s Master Quest.’

‘Bard Ray issued the first challenge to become a Master Black Knight!’

The instructor looked at Bard Ray and slowly opened his mouth.

“As a Knight and a King who wants to learn the way of the glorified sword, you must first accomplish a task, it is rumored that there is a massive amount of monsters that is marching towards Evoque Town. Block those monsters and visit the old veteran Kuhlra[Kolla], he will teach you the ways of the Black Knight.”

Evoque was a small mountain village that did not belong to any Kingdom.

Fighting there to confront the monster invasion was his first given task!

‘This should not be too hard.’

A Knight could choose whether to focus his profession skills on either spear or sword.
Bard Ray selected the sword and his current skill level had stayed at Advanced Level 7.

Although his level was up to 480 and his fighting skills were highly destructive, simple hunting couldn’t improve his basic sword skills, much. In other words, his basic skills wasn’t developing much.

But this was definitely not slow compared to other people.

Unlike others, the swordsmanship of the Geomchis also progressed very fast because they only focused on hunting with their basic sword skills.

“Go to the village of Evoque.”

With Bard Ray’s quest, he went to the village of Evoque along with his Royal Guards and the military force of Hermes Guild.

“Let’s raid the village. Keee.”

“Uhihi. Kill them all!”

“Take vengeance on the humans!”

More than 3,000 monsters had flocked towards Evoque village.

“Huh, What?”

“We’re dead. The monsters are going to kill us all.”

The residents were engulfed in a state of panic.

Given the area of the Versailles continent, there was no respite at that very moment; new villages were disappearing at the wake of the monster raids. If a kingdom does not send any reinforcements then, it means the death of them all.

“We will handle them.”

“No. This is my quest. Remain and defend the village.”


Bard Ray left his Royal Guards and his army in the village. The Evoque village had already become an impregnable fortress.

Bard Ray was admired by the attending users along with the broadcasting station officials. The spectators that have flocked in was already uncountable.

A bunch of monsters shot at him with black magic as he pulled out his sword.

He received a whisper.

– The location of Kuhlra has already been found.

Hermes guild’s intelligence group was running around the place, unseen.

He needed to be alone when facing the monsters for his first quest. Although, his Royal Knights could always be mobilized at any time.

The fact that Bard Ray started doing his Master Quest had reached the internet and had spread everywhere.


As Weed peacefully explored the dungeons and made sculptures in Montvertruria, another incident took place inside the continent.

Orc Stronghold Bursilia!

After the sculpture Orc Lord Paracwhi was completed, there was a big change that was happening.

“Chwichichis, it is dark today.”

“Let’s go to sleep, chwiiik!”

Orc male and female couples disappeared and went into their camp in the night.

And not a long time later, adorable young Orcs were born!

The population of young Orcs in Orc Stronghold Bursilia had grown enormously.

“Chwiiik. I am going to be a great orc like Parachwi. Chwichiik!”

“Humans are not that detestable, chwis. We also have something to learn from them. Chwiichwiig.”

“Sculptures are nice, chwichichis. We have to have a lot.”

The birth of young Orcs!

Due to the exceptional characteristic of their fertility rate, the Orcs were massively growing in number. Because the Orcs have grown quickly to fight monsters the inhabitants of Bursilia have continued to expand to the south.

Even though a lot of orcs died as they advanced, many new Orc’s were born afterwards.

Food and gold were found, Orcs also became interested in and started hoarding cultural artifacts especially sculptures. The Intelligence of the Orcs was gradually increasing with the effect of arts and their trade had also improved and increased a lot.

“7 Glaives for 30 gold, chwik! And 2 belts for 25 gold? Chwichit! Then give me 450 gold.”

“Thank you for selling me this cheaply, chwiik!”

Trading between Orcs have also been actively ongoing.

The price calculations of these greedy Orcs are very complicated and tend to be more expensive by several times. That’s why the most accurate price they have paid for an item is 1 gold each.

Orc Lord Bulcwhi was with large Orcs who were carrying huge sacks on their backs.

“Goodbye, chwichis.”

“Chwiik, see you later.”

The Orcs have shared their farewell greetings inside the square.

There were 150,000 Orcs!

They had to leave to search for new settlements.

“Go to Karichwi, chwichichiik!”

“Will there be tasty food and also a warm bed, chwiik!”

“Of course, chwichiiig. That’s why you have to go to Karichwi, chwik!”

After Weed succeeded his quest, the contribution points that he obtained was already enough to command over 250,000 Orcs.

His familiarity with the Orcs was already at the level of Brothers.

Although Weed had refused the compensation of receiving a bunch of gluttonous Orcs, these Orcs had chosen him.

“Karicwhi would be glad to see us, chwichik!”

“Chwiik, I want to meet him as soon as possible.”

And the Orcs set off from the Bursillia Square.

Even though they were carrying a lot of food, by the time they arrived at Morata they would be very hungry


Weed made a large number of ceramics as he also hunted with his companions. His Sculpting Mastery was currently Advanced Level 8 at 43.8%.

They ranged from large to small with contrasting thickness, he produced a variety of ceramics as he accumulated experience. Then, later on, the more he created the more the quality improved and became remarkable.

It was already at the level where the Kings and Nobles would covet it and everyone would want 1 or 2 of the ceramics that he made. In addition, he also used Moonlight Sculpting a little and used light into the ceramics.

“This time I’ll create the glaze.”

Yurin also worked and applied glaze she also took care of painting the ceramic.

– You have drawn a painting on the ceramic made by Sculpting Master Weed.
Fame as a painter has increased.

Yurin’s Painting Mastery had increased quickly and above all, her Fame grew enormously. This is by simply collaborating with Weed since it’s still a great achievement for novice artists. As the ceramics were overlaid with various colors, their value as a luxury item would be worth much more.

The ceramics made by Weed were already satisfactory.

“I could really rip off a lot with this!”

The special type of ceramic he created which was elegant and charming was a great one. Even the pure features of the ceramics, the smoothness and spontaneity has been ingrained it it.

“It seems exciting. Please teach me.”

“Could you not learn by looking?”

His other companions looked at the ceramic accordingly as he gave an introduction introductory on making pottery.

When Weed was creating the pyramids, they just watched it and looked as if they had no interest. But when he was making pottery, it had a nice and simple atmosphere.

“I need some help back here.”

Hwaryeong looked for opportunities that would lead to physical contact.

‘If I used my spare time to learn about this stuff, then I would be popular to women. Yurin would also come one of these days to learn pottery.’

Zephyr learned the process of making pottery without abandoning his habits as a playboy.

‘With ceramic, you could also make money.’

While Mapan’s motive was still greed and money.

‘I will give this as a gift to Maylon.’

‘I want to make this for Pale.’

Weed hunted and also created ceramics. It was a very enjoyable and pleasant time.

“Do not force it when you are stroking it, try to feel it.”

“Like this? Maybe not. Weed, press my hand because it looks like it would help me learn this feeling.”

Weed and Hwaryeong made pottery as Seoyoon stood in a distance while watching them.

Seoyoon also learned how to make pottery. Possibly because she had a keen eye, she created a narrow bottleneck vase easily.

Whether Hwaryeong needed help from Weed because she was actually bad at making pottery or whether she was using it as an excuse she(Seoyoon), nor anyone else, could not tell.


Seoyoon got up from her place and went into the depths of the dungeon.

Her other teammates were busy making ceramics and because they thought she would just briefly step outside and come back, they did not follow her.

Seoyoon continued entering the dungeon.

“Kihihihis, that seems to have a lot of money.”

“I’m going to rob you of everything.”

The graverobbers arrived and began to taunt her.


“Please, spare me.”


It was a massacre of the graverobbers!

Seoyoon usually did not use her full abilities to share experience with other people and level up their skills.

But now, she revealed the true strength of a Beserker as she continued to enter the dungeon.

“Kkhahaha, I couldn’t find any treasure, but look what walked in!”

“It looks like we are going to get our drinking money for tonight… Kkweeeeg!”


Seal of Vulcan
You are the first discoverer of the Seal of Vulcan
Benefits: Fame has increased by 1298
Double experience and item drops for a week.
The first monster killed will drop the best quality item it can drop

The last remaining dungeon in these caves!

Seal of Vulcan was a place where devils were confined. The levels of ordinary monsters were already at level 500. There were also some that were at boss levels at some areas.

“Uh, could we really hunt in here?”

“Let’s herd just one over here to see. Torido, get going.”

Even though there was Weed, Seoyoon along with the summoned Torido and Van Hawk, the hunt was still quite difficult. Although the divine power of Irene was not weak, the damage of the Vulcan Protectors was too high making the task riskier.

The deeper they went into the dungeon, more Vulcan Protectors appeared, until they couldn’t move on further without taking risks.

“I guess we should stop here for now”

Weed looked regretful as he said those words, but the others were happily agreeing.

Whenever they stayed with Weed they always hunted strong monsters, but as long as they were with Weed it felt easier and faster.

But in their hearts, no one wanted to really wanted to hunt the dungeons with the Vulcan’s Demons.

“Then, let’s go back to the Dwarf Storage Area.”

The time for double experience and 2x item drops had already passed but since it was not really a bad spot to hunt they continued to hunt.

But all they have discovered were boxes of dwarves as graverobbers continued to appear. They dropped a lot of Adventurer, Excavator and Professional Thief items. Sometimes, even magic equipments that was fairly decent compared to the level they were hunting.

“Well then, I’ll go see my quest for a while.”

“Yeah. See you later.”

Weed reported on his Sculpting Master Quest and with the help of Yurin, they headed for Bursilia.


“Chwiik. The song only continues down to the Orcs, it just mentioned that the four races lived together in a cave.”

“Well then. Chwichiiig. Karichwi, I will believe in your words then.”

The quest has been reported to Orc Lord Bulchwi.


You have completed The Sanctuary of the Four Races.
Through the song of the Orcs, you have discovered the cave where the four races lived together.

Now that they are separated, did they vary between being in good terms or in dispute. But, if a big crisis approached, the past historic friendship between the four races might then someday be binded again.

Quest Reward: Deeper ties with the Four Races.
Each great choice you make will make some impact with each of the races.
– You have gained historical knowledge.
Due to this special experience, Wisdom and Knowledge has increased by 2.

‘The Sculpting Master Quest is to create a good order among the four races.’

And finally, he has completed another step of the quest.

After transforming to Orc Karacwhi and returning to Burslilia, the street have changed by quite a lot. The Orcs on the streets were steadily increasing while the Parachwi sculpture had became a valuable treasure to the Orcs.

‘The fertility rate of the Orcs is really scary.’

And the status of 150,000 Orcs leaving towards Morata was something that he did not know of yet!

Bulchwi has released a gallant snort.

“Karichwi, the young Orcs that are interested in sculpting has increased, Chwiiig. Although it is useless, but do you think you could teach them how to make a sculpture? Chwis.”


Sculpting Master of the Orcs
Orcs are currently thristing for art.

Teach the very forgetful and greedy Orcs to make sculptures.

Difficulty: Sculptor Master Quest
Quest Limit: Sculpting Skill Advanced Level 8 or higher
With the own power of the Orcs, they must create a work that has artistic value of more than 70 and they should create more than 50 pieces.
Must have a close relationship with the Orcs.

“I will teach, Chwichichichichichis”

– You have accepted the quest.

“When will you start, chwiiig.”

“Right now will be alright. chwis.”


As Weed taught sculpting, a lot of Orcs flocked around like a cloud.

Young Orcs filled the whole plaza to the point that some were even standing behind!

It was because Weed’s intimacy with the Orcs was strong and along with his large fame.

“At least 70 artistic value, finishing up this quest should be pretty easy.”

The Orcs have received commissions to create sculptures. Weed did not truly have the motivation to teach the complexity of Sculpting.

‘I don’t need to tell them about the aesthetics of sculpting and the value of art.’

With the intelligence of the Orcs, you can only expect them to do damage. Furthermore, Weed had no idea about things like that.

It was enough to just create what your heart wants you to create. Afterwards, they will accumulate their proficiency and they will desire to create greater things on their own.

If one tries to accomplish too much from the beginning then they will fail.

Orcs users also came to learn from the lectures of Weed.

“Cwhiik, feel the knife.”

The young Orcs felt their knives, swords and glaives wilfully and did what was told.

Human castles also did not have many users who carried sculpting knives; Orcs would also probably not have the knives or skills either.

“Sculpt with that knife, Chwichwichwichwi. You should, chwiis. Create any look that you want to create. Chwichik!

He described it with simple moral lessons that was good to live by.

Actually, rather than describing it to the Orcs using words, it would be better to just show it to them.

“I will make a sculpture, look at it well and create with your own accordingly. Chwichwis!”

Since the Orcs were interested, it allowed them to make sculptures and easily make a good deer sculpture.

With Weed’s skills in carving deers, he created one which was proportional to it’s real size and it was very excellent that you cannot already distinguish if it’s real or not.

And because of this, there came a lot of deer pieces.

The Orcs were at the level where they could only wish to be like him. They were even hardly worth the quarter of what Weed makes.

“Chwis. Sculpting is hard.”

“I will never learn, Chwiikchwiik.”

“I’m hungry, Chwirik.”

“Let’s go hunting, Chwichichichik.”

More than half of the young Orcs who were in the square did not try anymore, got up then scattered. The very faint eagerness to learn sculpting in their minds have disappeared.

With the urgent nature of the Orcs to learn sculpting and his sloppy teaching is what made this quest fail.

But, Weed have experienced and saw enough of these Orcs to learn about their nature.

“By creating a good sculpture, chwiik. I will give money. Chwis. And give meat. Chwichichis. And also drinks. Chwiichwiiik!”

He was so desperate that he even put on a reward just to achieved his objectives.

The young Orcs were blinded by greed began crushing stones and cutting trees then began to make sculptures.

“I’ve made a deer, Chwiichik!”

What the young Orcs have brought were hardly deers and couldn’t even be seen as one.

Their legs were at different lengths and what’s more is their legs were also too thick.

Rather, it was better to say that they were bears on their four feet!

“Karicwhi, the one I made looks the same as yours. Chwiik.”

“Chwichiiik. It does not resemble at all. Identify!”

Chopped Wooden Barrels
A work of a young Orc trying to make a bear using wood.

It looks like one can’t imagine that this was actually a sculpture.

Artistic Value: 2

At least those poor things made of wood was much better.

Those sculptures made of stone which were not even finished was smashed then dumped away. Because the young Orcs used axe or glaives with their power to chop stones did their sculptures break.

“Do it seriously. Chwiik!”

All day the ‘dog’ pieces that were produced did not even exceeded by one.

The only tolerable thing that happened that he didn’t even need to use Identify to look.

The wastage of materials was absurd, the trees were all cut badly with many scratches and grooves marring the form.

“Tomorrow will be better. Chwiiik!”

Possibly that it was because it was their first day of the learning process and it was too broad to be easily understood.

When he also did not know much about sculpting back then, he also had a lower possibility of creating a good work.

Since Orcs could make better sculptures with a lot of practice patience was needed.

Weed’s tone grew louder.

The night of the second day.

“Just do it like you learned it, chwik”

Night of the third day.

“Why won’t it go straight, chwik.”

Night of the fourth day.

“These hopeless guys, chwiiiiiik!”

As the days go by, the Orcs have not yet adjusted their strength on the materials and still even had that poor aesthetic sense.

Weed wanted to teach that everything was not to be beaten and bashed.

“Chwis. I’m hungry. Let’s eat rice.”

“Scultping is boring. Chwirik.”

“I want to money alreay. Chwichwichwik.”

The appearance of Weed’s lower jaw in Orc Karichwi made them quiveringly tremble. The young Orcs were also quickly growing day by day. The majority of the Orcs were already tired of sculpting and just went out for hunting.

Only some Orcs remained and steadily learned sculpting.

“If you learn how to sculpt, Chwiichwiik. You will get out money and food and you will be popular with female orcs as well, chwiik

“These are the words of the esteemed Karichwi, Chwiichwik. What Karichwi only tells us are real. Chwiichwik.”

“Chwichwis. Sculpting is so good, chwiiiik. Let’s continue learning.”

“Yes, Chwiiiis. It’s just tough at the beginning, chwichwis. Like when it is difficult to eat meat when it’s chewy.”

Weed convinced them by sugarcoating his words as they go on.

Although the young Orcs were very stupid on sculpting, they bit by bit gradually got used to his teachings.

Even though it was not refined or clean, the Orcs were producing more than one sculpture.

Boar Wooden Doll
A wooden product made directly by an Orcs that is wanted to be played with.

Surprisingly, the eyes, nose and the mouth was rushed.

This work was a result made from the competition between the young Orcs.

Artistic Value: 23
Well-carved stone with smooth cuts
Artistic Value: 5
Stone Axe for Young Orcs
Attack: 7
Actual stone axes that was reduced to a small toy. It looks like it could hurt and possible to be used for hunting.

This is a useful work when young Orcs are going to do a mischief and do group fightings.

Artistic Value: 28

“Phew~, chwiik!”

Just a snort came out.

Weed complimented and urged on the young orcs. The talent of the Orcs were visible. To avoid getting distracted, he was giving them foods as he taught them.

“Mastering sculpting could allow you to do things. Chwik. An Orc that could do a lot of things are loved by females. Chwiik.”

And finally among the Orcs, some artists stood out and emerged.

The subject of their sculptures did not vary that much. The Orcs made their sculptures in accordance with their interests like hunting.

Or a sculpture of themselves being an Orc Lord!

Some Orc with a Glaive
The appearance of an adult Orc on a sculpture.

There is a lot of mistakes due to inexperienced handicraft but within a short period of time still developed an excellent work.

The attitude of an Orc scout in the bushes was well represented.

Artistic Value: 72

A sculpture which barely passes the beyond 70 Artistic Value mark has finally been made.

Weed continued to the side where he did not taught yet while full-blooded orcs that just makes sculptures by smashing have already quitted.

The savage and hurried nature of the Orcs was something that made teaching them not an easy task.

– The Orcs have made 50 sculptures with Artistic Value more than 70.
– Your Sculpting Mastery has increased.
– Leadership has increased by 4
– Wisdom has increased by 2.

Weed felt like he had finally passed a big mountain.
‘The difficulty of this Rank A Quest was much more difficult compared to others.’

The young orcs would forget everything that was taught to them once they turned around being ingenious and having a strong personality, they only made things they wanted despite the advice he gave them.

As for Weed he doubted if the Orcs will be able to develop and the sculpture may be questioned.

The personalities of the Orcs meant that without using the skills they learned would disappear. Weed worried about this possibility.

However since there were now some orcs who had the skills and sculptures, he felt that things would work out.

Weed’s job had been to plant a seed.

The rest was up to the orcs, whether the seed would grow or not.

“The sculpture. Chwiik. Orcs are smarter easily. Chwi Chwi Chwi Chwi.”

“Made an effort, chwik.”

Sculpting Master of the Orcs has been completed
You cannot predict at all what they are making, not even the orcs themselves are aware.
Quest Reward: Orcs has increased reputation as a sculptor.

Your Contribution Points has increased by 34.

You have acquired a new skill!

A Summoning skill has been acquired.
Summon Sculpture: Summoning type skill
By consuming mana, you will be able to call and summon the sculpture you have made.

The consumption will become larger according to the size and artistic value of the sculpture.

If you try to summon a sculptural lifeform, the consumed mana will be 10 times higher.

It was a very useful skill for Weed.

“I could use this anywhere, but I don’t really need it.”

Even though this time it is only a petite size Wyvern.

1-2 times the mana was discarded the moment when he tried to summon the dead.

I can just order them to go and wait, i don’t have to use mana.

‘I don’t really know but summoning Bingryong at the start is probably going to be hard. Since the wyverns have a low artistic value, this skill would be occasionally be helpful.’

Bulchwi handed over a map that was made of leather.

“We found this, but it’s just gonna be useless for us to use anyways. Chwichichis. So I’m giving it. Chwichwiiig. To you Karichwi.”

– You have acquired a map of a hidden gem mines in the Versailles Continent.

It was very precious for someone who has jewelry skill. He was as cheerful if he’s a female student getting a luxurious bag.

“No, there’s no need to give this to me, chwiik, but since it’s your wish for me to have it I’ll take it gladly.”

Unfortunately, when Weed looked at the map, it belonged to the Kingdom of Harpan.

There is no doubt that an excavation for the gem mines have not yet started.

If you beat the monsters and developed the mines, he could get a great return. But also in the vicinity, there would be prestigious guilds that would interfere and used it for exploitation!

‘I’m just going to sell this to the Miners Guild and people who might be interested.’

He could also sell it to traders. If not, finding people who would want to give this to Harpan Kingdom to raise their contributions would not be hard.

“If you have something more to say then say so, Chwichiig!”

“Karicwhi, there is a little dangerous task that I want to ask. Chwiigchwiig!”

“What, chwis”


Then, images started to pour out in the eyes of Weed.


– Gyooooo.

A Chronodon opened huge wings was flying through the sky. It passed quickly through clouds, mountains and rivers.


The Chronodon was going on a rampage and breathed flames onto the ground. It burned the land and made rivers of fire.

The Chronodon was flying and created a sea of fire on the ground!

The Orcs built a stronghold on the mountains.

Although they primarily hunts monsters and animals, they also raised fruit trees for a living. The young Orcs and female Orcs looked after the fruit inside the stronghold. The Orc Warriors were holding glaives and spears as they guard the fort.

The Chronodon could be seen on the sky and its fire breath rained down onto the stronghold and mountains.


A huge blast came down from the skies towards the Orcs which caused the stronghold to be caught on fire.

“Chwi, Chwiiiiiis!”

The Orcs tried to stop the fire and was jumping up and down but it was useless.

The Orc Warriors fired poorly made arrows towards the Chronodon but with its poor accuracy and specifications, it almost did no damage.

The fire even moved towards the skinny trees in the mountains and created an enormous wildfire. Eventually, the roaring fire burned off by itself. After that, what remained was just the black ruins of the stronghold and not even 1 orc survived.

After the Chronodon did its devastation, it expanded it wings and flew to another place as every one of its own kin joined and gathered altogether.

Soon, hundreds of Chronodons covered the sky.

“We have to get rid of the Chrodons, chwiichwis. It’s going to be a lot of hard work. Even so a lot of Orcs just went and cowered back to the bosoms of their mothers.”

Listening to the words of Bulchwi, Weed had other thoughts running through his head.

The disgrace and plea of the orcs did not garner and sympathy or empathy.
‘Chronodons are usually around level 315.’

They belonged to the monsters which are very difficult to hunt.

“That one is, the biggest Chronodon there is, chwichwiiig. That bastard really is. Chwit!”

It was really bad when it comes about the Boss Chronodon. It leads the crown and the level of is this leader is known to be more than 480.

“Karichwi, one of your friends Orc Gelchwi also died. Chwichwichwis!”

“Gelchwi is… chwiik!”

Whenever Weed is around Yuroki Mountains, the one who helps him during hunting is Orc Warrior Gelcwhi. But later on he received his jealousy because he was very popular within female Orcs, he was a very thickly muscled orc.

“The orcs did not just die, chwiik, they found out what the Chronodon’s like, they like big bird eggs. Karichwi will you help us?

Battle Against Chronodons!
The Orcs met a bunch of Chronodons during the process of expanding their territory.

The Chronodons is a very ferocious race and prefer to just destroy things rather than talk about it. Each time the Orc’s settlements were burned, it was done by them.

As long as the Chronodons are live, not just the orcs, but other living things will not be able to live at the El Nath Mountains and the Grey Lakes.

Countless of Orcs were defeated by the Chronodons and they start their expeditions only to be wiped out every time.

Difficulty: Sculptor Master Quest
Quest Limit: Sculpting Skill Advanced Level 8 or higher

The Orcs must fight and finish a victory against the Chronodons.

At least 35 Chronodons must be killed.

– The Battle Against Chronodons Quest has started.
Background information
The Orcs found out that Chronodons were very frantic about large bird eggs. However, these large birds avoid the Chronodons by fleeing to other places and never left anything away. You could create sculptures of bird eggs to persuade the Chronodons to go into the ground so that the Orcs could fight them.

Not just tactics and sculptures were needed, but a tight collaboration with the Orcs is also required for the quest!

‘If this quest is to succeed, the forces of the Orcs is going to increase a little more.’

As the Orcs continued to expand more, he was commissioned to get rid of this great obstacle in front of them.

“I Karichwi, will have the Orcs do this. Chwiiiig.”

– You have accepted the quest.

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        It could be read a little differently since he says, “… you must first…”, maybe this is his qualifier to see if he is worthy to go and study from Kuhlra? But then again he is the first to challenge his class’s profession master quest, there was something written stating: “the first profession master quest will be a bit more difficult and more rewarding”, is this only for the first profession master quest between all the varying profession master quests, or for the first master quest for each profession? Seems to be the latter.

        Final speculation?
        Each FIRST profession master quest is more difficult and more rewarding, and the level requirement to start it differs between classes.

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        “As a Knight and a King who wants to learn the way of the glorified sword, you must first accomplish a task, it is rumored that there is a massive amount of monsters that is marching towards Evoque Town. Block those monsters and visit the old veteran Kuhlra[Kolla], he will teach you the ways of the Black Knight.”

        It could be read a little differently since he says, “… you must first…”, maybe this is his qualifier to see if he is worthy to go and study from Kuhlra? But then again he is the first to challenge his class’s profession master quest, there was something written stating: “the first profession master quest will be a bit more difficult and more rewarding”, is this only for the first profession master quest between all the varying profession master quests, or for the first master quest for each profession? Seems to be the latter.

        Final speculation?
        Each FIRST profession master quest is more difficult and more rewarding, and the level requirement to start it differs between classes.


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    – Bard Ray is also starting his master quest (second after Weed, and also trying to stop him)
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